Best TRX Ab Exercises and Workouts for Total Core Training

trx abs exercises workouts

Are you fed up with the common abdominal training? Then you should do TRX ab exercises. This is a simple, yet efficient fitness tool which has been developed by the Navy Seals. It lets us to perform various sorts of activities to strengthen and tone the whole body, but it is especially beneficial for core training. The concept of this equipment is simple: you need to use your own bodyweight as resistance.

I believe, bodyweight abdominal exercises are one of the greatest methods to stimulate and tone abdominal muscles. By doing suspension training, you can perform these bodyweight workouts even more efficiently. Using TRX suspension trainer has many benefits:

  • It is suitable for all levels. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced user.
  • It is small and portable, so it is a suitable for home ab workouts.
  • It can be used for many purposes. TRX suspension training is beneficial for weight loss, improving the general strength, rehabilitation from injuries etc.
  • No matter what sorts of workout you do with a suspension trainer, the core muscles are always used to stabilize your body. This helps to strengthen the midsection and develop your core stability and posture.
  • TRX exercises not just make you stronger but also support your weight loss. As you need to use several muscles at the same time, your body needs more oxygen, and this increases your breath and heart rate. This way, you do cardio as well which is crucial for belly fat burning.

Overall, TRX training is a genuinely dynamic activity. But, you are here to check some TRX core exercises. Below, you can find great workout routines for your abs.

TRX Core Training for 6 Pack ABS

This routine includes 6 exercises, which work the entire core and lower back. These are following ones: plank, side planks with rotation, plank knee tucks, pike, straight leg abdominal twists and leg raises. Do 3 sets per routine and control the motion and your body. This routine is good for beginners.


Ultimate TRX Total Core Destruction For 6-Pack Abs and V-Cut

This is a powerful core workout which strengthen and tone ab muscles efficiently. It contains TRX abs exercises which are especially useful for lower abs, so you can build v-cut stomach.

The TRX ab exercises done in the video:

  • Suspended crunch for lower and upper abs.
  • Pike, which is an enhanced suspended crunch, is also useful for shoulder training.
  • Pendulum for obliques training and for slim hips. However, it is great for the chest, arms and shoulders.
  • Pendulum 2 similar to the previous on, but you need to pull your needs to your elbows.
  • Standing body crunch which is a good alternative for doing exercises with ab slide.
  • Standing oblique twist for toning obliques and lower abdominal muscles.
  • Suspended oblique crunch.
  • Suspended alternating crunch
  • Suspended plank

These 9 TRX abdominal exercises are super effective and great to challenge yourself. Do this routine and you are going to see great results. I have just started this routine with 6-7 exercises and I do 3 sets with 15-20 reps. Fantastic!


Abs Circuit

This routine is not mainly for abs, but for chest, arms and shoulders. It includes the following activities: spiderman push-up, MT climber, RX body saw to a crunch, side plank oblique dip, atomic push-ups. Pretty good routine for full body training.


Extreme ABS Workout

Within this video, you can find some more exercises and tips.


TRX Flat Stomach Workout for Women

This video includes a few workouts which are particularly suitable for women. Several exercises for abs and full body training.


Movements for Oblique

Finally, from this video you can learn a few TRX oblique exercises. By shaping those muscles on the sides of your stomach you can turn your waist and hips slimmer.


More Workout Routines



trx core workout plan

Overall, TRX straps is an efficient equipment to build strong midsection and with proper diet and some cardio, you can get a flat stomach with it. If you have not included any TRX ab exercises in your sessions yet, just do it, you will see how efficient they are.

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