Best 10 Minute Ab Workouts for Women to Get Flat Tummy

10 minute ab workouts

There are so many misconceptions on how to train abs efficiently to get a flat stomach or lose belly fat. One of the biggest is: the longer I train my abs, the better.

These muscles are as the same as other muscle groups so they should be trained in the same way. Hence, there is no need to work them every day or for long hours since you can over-train them. Also, they need rest to recover.

Therefore, even a 10 minute ab workout can be enough to get six pack abs or flatter stomach. The key is having a decent diet and cardio training to get rid of belly fat and burn calories.

Besides, to get results you have to perform the abdominal exercises correctly, your routine must be intensive, and you should implement different activities to work the entire core which means your oblique, lower back and abdominis.

I have already shared a post where you can find an intense 5 minute ab workout, and here I would like to share with you some effective 10 minute ab workout videos. Most of the routines here do not require any equipment and can be performed at home. Do these workouts 3-5 times a week, pay attention to your nutrition and do cardio to get good results.

10 min killer ab workout

This workout from Fitness Blender is my favorite which contains several great abs exercises for women.

It includes the following exercises:

  • Flutter Kicks, which is excellent for toning hips.
  • Rotation Crunch, which is for abdominals and obliques.
  • Pilates Side Hip Raise that serves to work obliques and lower back.
  • Russian Twist, which strengthens side muscles and lower back.
  • Toe Touch Crunch for toning the lower and upper abdomen.
  • Pilates Leg Pulls for working the glutes, hamstrings beside ab muscles.
  • Toe Taps, which is especially effective for toning the abs.
  • Knee tuck Crunches which stimulates the lower and upper abdominals at once.

In this video, we can see similar exercises mentioned before, but there are also a few plank variations. Planks are useful to strengthen the midsection, but it is essential to perform them correctly to get results. This is a quick workout with many activities which help to get six pack abs.

10 minute lower ab workout

For most of us getting toned lower abs is the toughest as that is the place where fat goes down lastly. This video is especially for those who have problems there. Great collection of exercises for the lower abdomen for women!

10 minute core workout without crunches

Although, crunches are always suggested, not everybody likes them. This routine includes various core exercises for women to strengthen the midsection, but it is mainly a total body workout shaping your arms, shoulders and legs as well. The movements in this video help to get better posture, as well. This routine is particularly useful for beginners. You can find more ab workouts without crunches here.

More ab workouts for women

complete core creator

Booty shaking waist workout

Do you want to get rid of fat covering your hips and waist? Well, this booty shaking workout is for you. Intensive, enjoyable and not so common routine if you want to try something different. Your tummy training does not have to boring and suffering. Plus, since you your entire body moves this plan will help you burn calories supporting your weight loss.

Flat abs workout

This is also a pretty good routine with many uncommon abdominal exercises. You can do this ab routine at home, and no equipment is required.

10 minute standing ab workout

Are you a novice or have you got lower back problems? Or you just do not like doing abdominal workouts on the floor? Then this standing core workout is for you! This plan includes effective standing ab exercises that are as powerful as the common ones we usually do on the floor.

The benefits of these kinds of moves are that they do not stress the lower back as much and because we have to move the entire body, they help to burn extra calories so they may help with weight loss.

More quick ab workouts

quick abs routine

ab circuit



As you see, you can get a flat stomach or even six pack abs by doing 10 minutes abdominal workouts. The key is to do the exercises accurately, the routine should work all sections of the core, and it should be intensive.

Do not forget you should get rid of the fat that covers your tummy to get your abdominal muscles visible. For that you should decrease your body fat level by doing cardio workouts and following a healthy diet. Without these steps, you will never have the stomach your are dreaming about.