5 Motivational Techniques to Keep Training

Being motivated is one of the hardest thing if we want to reach a goal. Typically, when we start to do something new we are full of willpower, but as time goes most people lose the aim and give up what they started.

This is a regular problem among those who start some sort of training, bodybuilding or a diet plan to lose weight. The starting is hard, but the results come and motivate us. Then, as our body get used to the exercises, the results come harder, and the level of motivation goes down. At this point, people stop the training or start to search some “alternative” ways to get better results.

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That was the same with me. Many years ago I gave up bodybuilding because I reached a level which I thought was the maximum I could do. I did not feel the “power” I used to have when I went to do gym. I stopped doing the training and then I did not do any sports for over 2 years. Simply, I did not feel that I have to do something. There was not a trigger.

What was the trigger that pushed me towards to start training again? It was video that I have watched at least 20 times since then. This video was made by some boys doing calisthenics.


That is sort of training when we use the bodyweight and tools that can be found around us. I was shocked how strong these boys are and what great movements they can make. That video was the trigger. I decided I will do the same, and I’m on the right way to reach my goals!

For 3 months, I have been watching and reading all sorts of sources to learn how to do calisthenics effectively. All the videos I have watched, all the e-books I have read and pictures I have seen helped me to be motivated.

Nowadays I do training 5 – 6 times a week. But on the two days when I rest I always think about training. I felt the same when I began going to gym many years ago.

Motivation is the key to success no matter what sort of training you do or what you want to do with your body. During these months, I have learned many ways to keep myself motivated. The techniques mentioned below work me incredibly well.



My Tricks to Motivate Myself

I set up short, medium and long term aims. My short-term aims are always reachable. For example, I decide I will be able to make 5×12 pull ups in 2 months. I will make 5×20 in half a year. And I will be able to make some one arm pull ups in one year. If you set too hard goals for the short-term and you cannot reach them, you will be disappointed. That is really bad for motivation. You need to do a bit more on every training, that is all. Here is one of my favorite quotations.

Measure yourself, your hips, weights etc. This is important to track your improvement. You need to know if you are on the right way or not. If you see positive results, you will know what you do is effective. If the results are not so good, you will know you have to change.

Visualize yourself as if you have already reached your goals. Do you want to have flat abs, visualize yourself with six pack abs standing in front of the mirror. I do this “exercise” every morning, and before I go to bed. This helps me to be motivated and at the same time makes me happy. 🙂

Watch videos, read books and find images which help you to go on and learn. There is always something new to learn and to try. For instance, I always search for new workouts to test. When I see something new I always want to try it as soon as possible.

Pictures also help you to stick your goals into your mind. I great trick is to put a picture where you can see it every day. For example, the wallpaper of my computer is an image where boys do unbelievable body weight exercises.

These little tricks have helped a lot to stay motivated. You do not need to use all of them, just pick one or two. You will see how powerful these motivation techniques are.

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