5 Muscle Growth Tips for Women

When we hear the words bodybuilding and muscle growth we normally associate these terms with men. However, building and strengthening muscles is as important for women. If you want to get attractive shape, you will need to build muscles, but it has several other health benefits. Below you can find five tips for female muscle growth.

But before here are some pictures to prove that strong is sexy 🙂


Push Your Body Hard, but Know Your Limits

One thing that bodybuilders know that the one extra repetition will bring them those bigger and stronger muscles. If a set of an exercise includes 8 repetitions, but you feel you can perform one extra one, do it!female-muscle-growth-tips

But be careful, always do the workout correctly, as a badly-performed workout may end with injuries and strains.

You know! No pain! No Gain! This is also true for women!

Always Do Squats, Deadlift and Bench Presses

These exercises train all the big muscle groups efficiently. Power lifters and bodybuilders always include deadlift, squats and bench presses in their routine.

You should do the same in case you want to get bigger and firmer muscles. Alternatively, you can do push ups instead of bench presses.

By the way, these exercises help to strengthen your core efficiently even they do not target abdominal muscles directly. Read more about the best belly fat burning exercies here.

Check the demonstration video below.

Do Strengths Training 3 Times a Week

If you want to build muscles, you will need to do trainings 3, maximum 4 times a week. Doing more trainings will not help as your muscles need resting to recover. Between the strength trainings, you can do cardio to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular system.

Eat Well

If you desire to get larger and harder muscles, you will need to pay attention on what sorts of foods you consume.

Firstly, you should increase your protein intake. You can do this by eating more low-fat meat, for example, salmon, beef, chicken and turkey breast, dairy products etc. Eat protein rich foods after and before your workout sessions. You may drink a protein shake.

Muscle Growth protein

Watch the video below for more information.

You will require to take in enough carbohydrates, which will provide the energy for your exercises. However, avoid meals which contain too much sugar and low quality carbohydrates, for instance, cakes, bread, crackers and junk food etc. There are many foods which contain beneficial carbohydrates that will provide energy for long term.


Fat intake is also crucial, but you will need to eat foods which include beneficial fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish and various nuts contain beneficial fats.


Don’t check your weight, but the Level of Your Body Fat

If you do trainings regularly and pay attention to you diet, you will burn fat. However, since you build muscles, you will have more muscle mass, which weighs more. Therefore, even if your weight is the same, you are leaner. My tip is instead of checking your weight all the time, measure your body fat.

The post above has demonstrated useful tips for women which are going to help build muscle. Start applying them now and you will have an amazing body. If you want to learn more I recommend the following book.


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