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roman chair benefits

Are you among those who purchase the newest “as seen on TV” fitness equipment to get better shape but you do not see results? Do you have lower back pain? Do you need one piece of equipment to train your entire core efficiently? And have you not got a Roman chair yet? In that case, it is time to get one.

A hyperextension bench is one of the most beneficial equipment which lets you exercise almost every parts of your body efficiently. It is even accepted by physical therapists to treat clients to get rid of back pain, to rehab from injuries and to help them to correct their posture. It is a simple, yet efficient equipment which should be in all home gyms.

Below I have collected 5 Roman chair benefits.


It Helps to Improve Your Posture

Do you sit in front of the PC or TV a lot? You have probably seen on yourself that your posture is not the best. Sitting too much is one of the main reasons why there are so many people with bad posture.

This equipment is essentially used for doing back extension which is especially useful to strengthen the lower back muscles. Besides, we can do abdominal workouts for getting stronger abs.

Strong core and lower back are essential for proper posture, and you can get it easily with this machine. Furthermore, having proper posture has several other health and mental benefits.


Get Rid of Back Pain

Weak abs and lower back are responsible for having back pain, which spoils a lot of people’s daily life. Hyperextension machines are accepted everywhere in the world for healing back pain.

If you own one, you do not need to go to these centers. You can save time and money. You can get rid of that pain by performing exercises on your bench regularly. Although, it is vital to consult with your doctor before start using it if you already have lower back pain!



If you do not have lower back pain yet, you can make steps if you use it to avoid several back injuries and disorders such as hernia. It has been confirmed that hernia is largely caused by weak abdominal and lower back muscles.

A huge mistake of newcomers is that they do not pay attention to lower back training. As they develop they begin handling bigger and bigger weights but their lower back, which takes part in all sorts of movements, is not strong enough. As a result, they suffer from back pain, injuries and improper posture.

Performing hyperextension exercise on the chair is the greatest way to prevent the mentioned problems.


Train Your Entire Body

It is often used for doing the back hyperextension exercise which is a highly efficient movement to strengthen your lower back, but it works secondary muscles as well such as glutes, legs, the entire back, shoulders and your neck.

Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of additional Roman chair exercises you can perform on it, mainly ones for abs. For example, you can do situps, leg raises etc. almost all the ones you can do with a sit up bench.



They are flexible, so no matter if you are taller or shorter you can set it to use it adequately. This way, it can be used by all members of your family. Plus, it does not take so much place, so it easy to store. There are even fold-able ones.

In addition, some of the latest models, let you to adjust the difficulty level by decreasing or increasing the angle.


A Roman chair is really advantageous for anybody who does any kinds of sport frequently, suffer from back problems or just want to get better shape. For an affordable price, you can get a home fitness equipment which can help several ways to be healthier and fitter.

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