The Benefits of the Roman Chair – Reasons Why You Should Do Hyperextension Exercise

Are you among those who purchase the newest “as seen on TV” fitness equipment to get better shape but do not see results? Do you have lower back pain? Do you need one piece of equipment to train your entire core efficiently? And don’t you have a Roman chair yet? In that case, it is time to get one.

A hyperextension bench is one of the most beneficial pieces of equipment which lets you exercise almost every part of your body efficiently. It is even accepted by physical therapists to treat clients to get rid of back pain, rehab from injuries, and help them correct their posture. It is simple yet efficient equipment that should be in all home gyms.

Below I have collected the Roman chair benefits.

1. Back Extension Helps to Improve Your Posture

bad and good posture
Bad and good posture

Do you sit in front of the PC or TV a lot? You have probably seen in yourself that your posture is not the best. Sitting too much is one of the main reasons so many people have bad posture.

This equipment is primarily used for back extensions, which is especially useful for strengthening the lower back muscles. Besides, we can do abdominal workouts to get stronger abs.

Strong core muscles and lower back are essential for proper posture, and you can get it quickly with this machine. Furthermore, having adequate posture has several other health and mental benefits.

Among the advantages, we have to mention that it works the erector spinae effectively. This muscle comprises several muscles and tendons running from the sacrum, or sacral region, and hips to the skull base on both sides. This group of muscles is also called the sacrospinalis.

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2. Improved balance and coordination

A Roman chair is a fantastic tool for enhancing balance and coordination. When you exercise on it, you engage multiple muscle groups at once, creating a dynamic challenge for your body. As a result, your balance and coordination skills are put to the test and gradually improve.

This makes you more adept at performing Roman chair exercises and translates to better body awareness and stability in everyday activities and sports. Improved balance and coordination make you less likely to experience falls or injuries, and your overall physical performance will likely be boosted. So, incorporating Roman chair workouts into your fitness routine is a smart choice for anyone looking to develop these crucial skills while simultaneously building strength and flexibility. Give it a try and see the benefits for yourself!

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3. Increased flexibility

The Roman chair exercise equipment is fantastic for boosting flexibility, thanks to its diverse range of motion. Your lower back, hips, and hamstrings are stretched and strengthened as you exercise. This enhanced flexibility can positively impact your overall performance in sports or daily activities.

With improved flexibility, your joints move more freely, improving posture and movement efficiency. This makes physical activities more enjoyable and lowers the risk of injuries as your body becomes more adaptable and less prone to strains or pulls. So, incorporating Roman chair exercises into your workout routine is a smart move for a healthier, more agile you.

4. Roman chair hyperextension exercises for lower back pain

Did you know? Approximately eight out of ten people will experience lower back pain at some point during their lives. (source)

When you use the Roman chair to target your lower back muscles, you’re taking steps to alleviate back pain, encourage proper spinal alignment, and lower your chances of injury. Strong lower and upper back muscles are vital for everyday activities, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, pain-free lifestyle.

The range of motion in Roman chair exercises also improves flexibility in your lower back, hips, and hamstrings. This augmented flexibility can contribute to better performance in various physical activities while reducing the risk of injuries. Incorporating the Roman bench into your workout routine can improve lower back health and greater flexibility, keeping you strong and agile in your daily life. Roman chair exercise muscles worked

back extension muscle anatomy
Roman chair exercise muscles worked

5. Roman chair back extensions for prevention

If you do not have lower back pain yet, you can take steps if you use it to avoid several back injuries and disorders such as a hernia. It has been confirmed that hernia is mostly caused by weak abdominal and lower back muscles.

A colossal mistake of muscle-building newcomers is that they ignore lower back training. They begin handling more significant weights as they develop, but their lower back, which takes part in all sorts of movements, is not strong enough. As a result, they suffer from back pain, injuries, and improper posture.

Performing hyperextension exercises on the chair is the most effective way to prevent the mentioned problems.

6. Train Your Entire Body

It is often used for doing the back hyperextension exercise, which is a highly efficient movement to strengthen your lower back, but it works secondary muscles such as the glutes, legs, entire back, shoulders, and neck. It can help a lot to improve your physique, not just your abdomen.

Nevertheless, there are a wide variety of additional Roman chair ab exercises you can perform on it. For example, you can do sit-ups; chair leg raises, side bends, etc., almost all you can do with a sit-up bench.

7. Hyperextension Shapes Your glutes

While squats and lunges are the most beneficial to shape your buttocks, hyperextension also engages those muscles. Lying on the bench in the opposite position, you can perform reverse hypers that target glutes well. And, to get even better results, you can use ankle weights for additional resistance.

8. Adjustable

They are flexible, so whether you are taller or shorter, you can set it to use it adequately. This way, it can be used by all members of your family. Plus, it does not take up so much space, making it easy to store. There are even foldable ones. Also, some of the latest models let you adjust the difficulty level by decreasing or increasing the angle.


How to use a roman chair exercise equipment?

  1. Start with a complete warming up.
  2. Set the foot roller and the pad to your height. The rollers should hold your feet safely, and the top of the pad should be a bit under your hip.
  3. Mount on the machine.
  4. Now lower your upper body towards the floor. Try to keep your back as straight as possible. Go down until your upper back is almost vertical to the ground. Inhale when you go down and exhale when you go up.
  5. Now slowly, without momentum, lift your torso with the power of your back, glutes, and hamstrings. Stop for a moment.
  6. Repeat.

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When do roman chair back extension exercises bad for you?

If you have chronic problems with your back or spine, never use them without a doctor’s permission.

Another huge mistake of beginners is switching to a weighted roman chair workout too soon. You should increase the reps and sets instead, even to high numbers of 4×30. And, when you want to start using weight, begin slowly with only a few pounds. Too much resistance ruins the correct form and leads to injury.

Is a Roman chair good for abdominal muscles?

By targeting the abdominals, lower back, oblique muscles, hips, waist, glutes, and hamstrings, the back extension machine will help you build a strong core. Core muscles help you maintain a healthy posture and balance as you perform daily tasks and sports. You can do abs exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, and Russian twists.

What are the reverse hyperextension benefits?

The reverse hyperextension machine is intended to decompress a person’s lower back and hamstrings and strengthen their glutes, hamstrings, and back. As well as rehabilitation purposes, reverse hypers can be used for strength training. Watch the video.


A Roman chair is advantageous for anybody who does any sport, frequently suffers from back problems, or wants to get a better shape. For an affordable price, you can get home fitness equipment that can help you be healthier and fitter in several ways.