5 Ways to Make Your Dieting Easier

For most of us it is hard to stick to our diets. The sad truth is that if you want to lose weight and have a flat stomach, you should look after what you eat.

It is difficult to give up those bad eating habits and in many cases our favorite foods. When we pitch ourselves from things we love, we feel ourselves badly, and we always think about what we must not eat, so we want more. That is the reason jumping into a serious, entire life changing diet never works for most of us. Unless, we do not have a strong willpower, we give the diet up in a short time.

However, there are a few methods you can do to stick to your diet and never give up. Below, I list the steps I used to get use to my new eating habit.

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Don’t Stop Eating Your Favorite Foods at Once

You do not have to change your whole life on one day. It is a long process. After selecting which foods you should exclude from your dining, you should get rid of them gradually.

Let’s say you like consuming chocolate, and every day you eat one bar. Day by day eat a smaller and smaller portion, and after some time you will do not want it at all. I used to love eating chocolate, but nowadays I only eat a really small piece after my lunches.

Substitute the Ingredients of your Favorite Foods

This is another way to still have your favorite meals, but lose weight. Cooking your own meals can help a lot with weight loss and to eat healthier. If you prepare your meals, you can control the amount of ingredients and include ones which substitute the ones you want to get rid of.

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For instance, instead of using white rice, you can use brown. Or rather using common sugar you can use brown sugar or birch sugar. You just need to do some research to find the healthy variation of the ingredient you want to avoid.

You do not even need to give up consuming desserts. Just learn ones which include fewer calories. Add more fruits to them and use less sugar.

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Learn the following food substitutions chart.


Burn Calories with Regular Workouts

Long term and healthy weight loss is almost impossible just by being on a strict diet. Regular workout sessions help to burn fat, tone and strengthen muscles and enhance your cardiovascular system.

In case, you cannot get rid of some foods which you really like, and you know they are responsible for fat, you should raise the number of exercises you do and train more frequently. If you make trainings 3 times a week, increase it to 4.

Learn how many calories you can burn with various activities.


Flavor Your Water

It has been proved that drinking at least 2.5 liters of water a day has numerous positive influences on overall health. It even helps fat burning.

Most of us get necessary liquid intake by drinking soda or other sweet things. This is a huge mistake considering that these refreshments contain a lot of sugar and other artificial components which are responsible for overweight. If you want to lose weight, you should bypass these beverages.

You can spice up your water a little bit by adding some home-made juice to it. For example, orange, lemon, apple juice is especially good. But never put any sugar into it.

Here is a recipe, you may like.

Reward Yourself when You Reach One of Your Goals

Setting up goals is essential to keep yourself motivated. You should have short, medium and long term aims. Whenever you reach one of your goals reward yourself.

For example, you can have a meal you really like but you have avoided because of your diet. Buy yourself a new dress or a gadget, anything which makes you happy and help to remember that you reached one of your goals. This helps to be proud of yourself and continue what you have begun.

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And finally here are some interesting facts on who are sticking to their diet.


I hope these suggestions will help you to continue your diet. You do not have to change your life radically on one day. Set up a reachable goal, modify your lifestyle and eating habits gradually, but the most important is to enjoy yourself. A healthy diet is not about starvation but about changing your lifestyle.


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