Does the 8 Minute Abs Workout (Level 1, 2, 3) Work?

8 minute abs workout

Without a doubt, one of the most popular workout videos on Youtube is the “8 Minute Abs Workout”. It has over 70 million views, and most of the people have given a thumb up for it.

But, does it work? Does it help to shape your stomach or even better build six packs? Is it enough?

Here, I will tell my opinion and try to answer the frequently asked questions related to this workout.

What is a good home workout for abs (core)?

1. Strengthen each part of your midsection.

There are four main muscle groups of the abdominal wall.

  • Rectus abdominis, which is at the front making the “six pack” look.
  • Transverse abdoniminis which is invisible since it is under the rectus abdominis. It functions together with the other muscles and responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and low back.
  • External and internal obliques which are on the sides of the belly. They support bending side to side and twisting your torso. A lean tummy with developed oblique makes the v-cut shape.

So, for a healthy and develop abs each must be trained with various exercises.

Does the 8 minute workout fulfill these criteria?


2. Works your core as well

Many people confuse the abs and core muscles. The abdominal muscles are part of the core. I do not want to get into the anatomy, but within a core strength training, there should be exercises that strengthen the muscles supporting the spine and lower back.

The hyperextension on the floor, or even better on the Roman chair equipment, is a good example.

Unfortunately, such exercises are not included in this workout. So, it is not a total core workout.

3. Intensive

It seems to be logical that the more time we spend with a workout at a time, the more developed we can achieve with a session. Hence, it is good to have a lot of reps and sets.

But, it is not true. Over-training fibers have an adverse effect. Though, for abdominal muscles, you can have higher reps than for other muscle groups. You can go up to 20-30 repetitions.

A good workout is intensive with well-picked exercises. And, since it is 8 minutes long, it meets the criteria.

4. Various range of motions

The exercises within the video are mainly a short range of motion ones like crunches.

It is always recommended to include a lengthier range of motion exercises. For example, hanging leg raises.

Such moves are not included are in this routine.


The FAQ on 8 Minute Abs Workout

For what fitness level is it good for?

For anyone.

If you are a beginner, do fewer reps and may have a bit more rest between the sets.

Will this routine help to burn belly fat?

Well, not much. To burn stomach fat the first step is to modify your diet. The other is do cardio exercises that engage several muscles at once and increase your heart rate.

The movements within this workout are short and targeted, so the calorie burning is minimal.

Does it help to get six pack abs?

The answer is the same as the previous one. To get shredded abs, you need to get rid of the fat covering your tummy.

If you already have a lean stomach by doing this routine 3-4 times a week, you will see good results.

Similar training?

Here is another one from FitnessBlender with different moves that work the core more effectively.


To sum up, the 8 minute abs workout is a pretty good plan, and I recommend it, particularly for home training and beginners.