Are Ab Machines As Seen On TV Waste Of Money?



No matter when you switch your TV on after watching it for half an hour, I’m sure you see a “new”, “revolutionary”, “ultimate” abdominal equipment that will shape your belly into six packs abs in just 10 minutes a day (or less) without a hard and tiring workout.

Am I right?

Do you remember “magic” fitness equipment such as the ab roller, ab lounge, ab rocket, ab rocker or the ab energizer? They are nowhere now! Many of them are so useless that they are even banned from the market. But at least, those experienced marketers should have paid a lot for lying for millions of people.

This is my favorite!


In spite of this, ab machines as seen on TV have always been very popular, and they will be because of those who are willing to pay for this crappy stuff. People who want everything without doing anything.

There will always be newer products since people are always searching for shortcuts instead of doing hard work or changing a little bit of their lifestyle to get the body they dream about.

You may say now “Why should I suffer if there are much easier ways to get what I want. In this case, six pack abs”?

All I can say is just use your brain!

Do you think a belt will melt the fat around your belly while you sit in front of the TV and do nothing? Magically, just by muscle stimulation.

Can you believe that 10 minutes of training 3-4 times week will make you slim and strong? If that were the case, just people with perfect bodies would be walking in the streets.

I say, whenever you hear the phrase “abs without diet and exercise” quickly forget it. It is 100% that is another scam, and you are just going to throw the money out the window. (If you do not mind, just do it!)

You may think now “But those ab machines on TV come with a unique technology that forms my abs in a better way and faster!”

Yeah, they may help. But to get the same results you do not need to pay $50 or $100, just get a fitness ball for ten bucks. You can do the same exercises, even more.

A few of the ab machines as seen on TV may help you to strengthen your abs, but in almost all the cases not with getting rid of belly fat. For that, you need to have a proper diet and do additional exercises such as intense aerobic training or interval training. And you should also work the other muscles of your body with lifting weights or doing bodyweight exercises.abdominal-exerciser-fitness-model

“But what about the fitness models in the commercials? They use them, and that is why they have washboard abs?”

If you think that those models promoting these ab machines have that body because of doing 10 minutes workouts on those items, you live in a dream world.

They get that body because of hard work and dedication. They have a lifestyle that helps them to reach that almost perfect body. And yes, they get much money for promoting that crap. They have to earn their living as well, don’t they?

The next time you want to buy an as seen on TV fitness equipment remember that marketers exploit your inherent laziness. They sell you the dream of getting excellent results from doing nothing.

And this marketing trick is typical not just in the fitness and weight loss industry, but everywhere else. I’m sure you have seen many promises on the internet making you rich with almost now work. Just buy that new course or invest a little bit of money. And people still fall and lose.

You do not believe in those easy money promises, do you? Then, why would you believe in getting six pack abs without doing anything?

If you really need an abs exercise equipment, get an [easyazon_link keywords=”ab wheel” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]ab wheel[/easyazon_link], a fitness ball, a power tower or even an adjustable sit up bench. You will have to work hard on these. It is not going to be easy, but you will get results.

And of course, never forget, to get six pack abs you have to discipline to train regularly and hard. And, of course, pay attention to your diet.

The sellers of the ab machines as seen on TV have never told you this, have they?

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