Powerful Ab Wheel Workouts and Exercises to Get Six Pack


An ab wheel is among the best home fitness equipment you can get to strengthen and tone your abs. It is inexpensive and needs almost no place to store and use. To tell the truth, it is my favorite equipment for abdominal workouts these days. It has helped me a lot to develop my midsection and flatten my stomach. I almost every week have an ab wheel workout.

It is so efficient that even if you only do ab wheel exercises, you will see results. It works not only your entire core but secondary muscles such as your shoulders, hamstrings, arms, and chest.

There are several wheels available today, but there are two superb ones, though they are bit more pricey.

The first is Ab Carver Pro, you can check out my review here, that is designed to perform the movements more comfortably, properly, and safely. It is the most favorite roller these days.

The other is [easyazon_link identifier=”B000BDLJ5G” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]Lifeline Power Wheel[/easyazon_link] because it comes with foot fasteners which allow standing roll out. Hence, you will be able to do more types of exercises.


Ab Wheel Instructions

Most of the beginners, mainly those who has some extra pounds, may find it hard to use at first since the rolling out and in moves need some basic strength. For them, I suggest starting with some easier exercises such as crunches, standing ab workouts to gain some strength.

The other problem with it is that it puts stress on lower back. Therefore, it is not advisable for those who suffer from some sorts of lower back problems, consultation with a doctor is required.

If you have no problems, but you feel you lower back is not strong enough to perform the ab roller exercises safely and properly, you must spend time on strengthening your back. The best way is to do hyperextension on a Roman chair.

One more thing I have to mention is that you can get the results you want only if you perform the motions properly. You need to keep your body stable while rolling in and out, keeping your knees and arms tight and concentrating on your abdominal muscles. The further your roll the wheel out, the better the tension is, the more your muscles work. If you cannot make a full roll out, increase the distance gradually.

Here is a tutorial on how to use an ab wheel correctly.

Exercises and Workouts

Most of the people think there is only one exercise we can do with this equipment, that is rolling in and out. While this is the most important motion, there are some variations which train the core differently.

In the video below you can learn several other ab wheel exercises.


And here is a great ab workout in which [easyazon_link identifier=”B000BDLJ5G” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]Lifeline Power Wheel[/easyazon_link] is used.

Credit: pumpsandiron.com


There are not so many ab roller workouts available, but I found a book on Amazon that provides tons of information, routines for beginners, intermediate and advanced people and a lot of variations. I have to say this is the ultimate guide on this topic.

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Ab Wheel Workouts: 50 Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen Your Abs, Core, Arms, Back and Legs
The best book on the topic. You can learn a lot effective exercises you can do with an abs wheel.


Overall, ab wheels are great equipment to flatten your stomach or even to build six pack abs. However, you should keep in mind that this is only possible if you follow a healthy diet and do cardio which will help to burn the fat covering your belly.

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