My Ab Workout Routine for Six Pack

It is not hard to find an ab workout routine since there are many here and there. I have tried several ab training plans, but none of them were really good for me. We are different, we come with different body type and strength level, and we have strongest and weakest points.

Therefore, instead of following an abdominal workout routine which is written by a total stranger who knows nothing about me, I made my own ab workout plan based on various guides. My goal was to build a strong and flat stomach.

First, I located which are the weakest parts of my midsection in order to include abs exercises, which help to strengthen those. In my cases, my obliques need more training.

My Ab Workout Routine

I’m on my way to achieve this!

Then, I set the number of sets and reps. Since, I had some extra belly fat I wanted to get rid of that first. So I increased the number of repetitions.

Lastly, I set up how often I will do my routine in order to get the best results as fast as possible. Considering that abdominal muscles need resting as well, I do this routine 4-5 times a week.

I have tried to do it every day, but it did not work because my muscles were tired and I was not able to do the number reps and sets I wanted.

I do calisthenics training 3 times a week, and for two days I do kickboxing. Calisthenics helps me to strengthen my whole body effectively while kickboxing is for cardio. This combo works me really well. I do my abs routine after my training sessions and work my entire core.

I have been doing this workout for 4 months now, and I have lost 26 pounds (12kgs). My hips and waist are slimmer than ever before, and my general midsection strength is also very good.

Anyway, I would not have been able to lost so many weights if I had not followed an abs diet which contains protein-rich dishes, a lot of veggies and fruits and other nutritions that are suggested.

OK, now lets see my intermediate ab workout routine that train the entire core efficiently. I do 1 exercise for upper ab, 1 for lower ab, 1-2 for obliques and 1 combination exercise.

Overall, I do 10 – 12 sets with different number of reps depending on the exercise. I always try to perform the movement correctly as possible, always concentrating on my abdominal muscles.

1. Day

  • Weighted Crunch or sit ups on bench 2 – 3 × 15-20
  • Reverse Crunch – 2 – 3 × 15-20
  • Lying Leg Raises – 2 × to failure
  • Oblique Crunch – 2 – 3 × 15-20
  • Plank – 2 × to failure

2. Day

  • Hanging Knee Raise on sides 3 × 15-20
  • Hanging leg raise 3 × 15-20
  • Side Plank 2- to failure
  • Scissor kick 2× to failure

3. Day

  • Hanging leg raise  3×15-20
  • Standing Oblique with weights 3×20
  • Russian Twist  2 × to failure
  • Dragon Flag – 2 × to failure

4. – 5. Day

Combination of 3-4 different ab workouts.

Learn more about these abdominal exercises here.

As you see, I include quite a lot of leg raises in my routine because they work very well for me. I also include more exercises for training my obliques. These exercises help me to build muscles which are stronger, but at the same time burn belly fat, as well. Try yourself my ab workout routine and I hope you will enjoy it and start using it. I’m on my way to get great looking six pack abs :).

If you need some help for your abs routine get in touch with us by commenting below!

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