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Working out with my kids 🙂

Hi! I’m Walter Forbes, and I’m 39 years old living. I’m an ESL tutor, but nowadays I learn about business, as well. I live with my wife and my kids. I enjoy doing different sorts of sports such as cycling, swimming. I also like learning languages.

I have been building muscle since I was 15. I started because I was skinny and tall, and I was fed up with being the “ladder” at school. Fortunately, those days are over. I’m not a professional bodybuilder or anything like that, but I’m fit and feel well.

However, because of sitting in front of the computer too much time, I have problems with my abs. I need to train it harder than my other muscles. I have tried many exercises and different sorts of ab machines. During this time, I have learned that there are only a few that help, most of the tools are just fads and over-promoted. I also realized that without a proper diet it is nearly impossible to build flat abs.

There are many reasons why I started Once, I would like to help people to find the proper tool(s) for training since everybody needs different sorts of machines depending on the age, fitness level, weight and so on.

It is evident that a beginner will not be able to use an advanced machine or do a workout made for bodybuilders. I think that is the reason why most of the starters give up after some time because they jump into the hardest training and they have no success. They do not enjoy what they do.

On the other hand, I would like to share different sorts of abdominal exercises, both for machines and without them. You can learn how to do them correctly and what are they good for. I aim to offer as much information as possible for anybody who wants flat abs.

To get more information or answers, please feel free to comment on the posts or get in touch with me here. You can also follow on Twitter, or our Facebook Page where I share the best videos, articles, and others I found on the web that are worth to check out.

I hope you will find this website useful!

Good luck with your abs training and have flat abs!

Regards, Walter

Walter M. Forbes
3761 Wood Street
Houma, LA 70360