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Best 10 Abs Workout Apps That Are Worth to Install


Recently more and more apps come for Android and iPhone/iPad that are promoted as the best tools to get six pack abs. Yes, there are some rather useful ones, but most of them are crappy which are far less efficient as they are said.

On the other hand, a good application can help a lot not to neglect ab workouts. The best ones provide a wide variety of abdominal exercises, various levels, and they also come with instructional videos. I think, they are particularly suitable for beginners.

To tell the truth, I do not use any apps for abs training these days since I have my own system. The only fitness application I have on my phone is a premium boxing app, Precision Boxing Coach, which is almost as good as a personal trainer.

Below I have collected the best abs apps which are rated well, at least with 4 stars or more, and they have downloaded at least 1K times. If you know others and you are signed up for you can add more, but keep in mind that I will check out the submissions. I want to create a useful list.

The applications here can be downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. Most of them are available on both platforms.

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