Abs Exercise Machines & Other Workout Equipment Guide

Here I’m going to list abs exercise machines and other home gym equipment available on the market. The aim is to help you to find the most beneficial item that is the most suitable for you.

What are we talking about here?

  • List of the typical ab machines for home.
  • What are their pros and cons? How effective are they? (I rate them.)
  • For whom they are recommended.
  • Other workout advice.

Overview of Abs Machines

1. Adjustable Sit Up Benches

man sit up on ab bench
  • Efficiency: 4.5/5
  • Recommended for: beginner-advanced

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Benches are one of the most common ab machines. There is not a gym without an abdominal bench. They are suitable both for newcomers and advanced trainers. They help to strengthen the core muscles via enhanced sit-up exercise, but several other core moves can be made, such as leg raises, crunches, etc.

The best types of sit-up benches have height adjustments, which means we can change the angle of the board. It helps to increase or decrease the resistance so we can match the intensity to our fitness level. That is why it’s suitable for any level of fitness.

A disadvantage is that it puts pressure on the lower back if the decline sit-up exercise is done improperly or the trainee has a weak core. That’s why users have back pain. But it is still an efficient piece of equipment for core training.

2. Ab Wheels

woman ab roller exercise
  • Efficiency: 4.5/5
  • Level: intermediate-advanced

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Ab wheels are simple but extraordinarily effective abs exercise equipment to train your midsection at home. You need to kneel and move the wheel back and forth on the floor. It seems to be easy, but believe me, it requires a strong abdomen.

The main benefit is that it works not just your abs but also your entire core and upper body. This sort of movement isolates the abs, and it helps to develop lower back.

Besides, ab wheels are easy to store and portable.

Frankly, it is one of my favorite techniques to train my body. I like those tools that force me to use my bodyweight.

We can choose from a wide variety of models, from simple ones to more advanced items with unique technology. The best is if you invest in a better one since they are not too more expensive, but you will be able to perform more sorts of abdominal exercises with it.

Since the movements are rather hard and need a firm core, it is maybe not the best solution for novices.

3. Roman Chairs / Hyperextension bench

woman hyperextension exercise
  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Level: beginner-advanced

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Exercising the lower back is crucial. Having a strong posterior chain is critical for any kind of sport and daily activities. It helps to protect your back from different sorts of injuries and to get slimmer hips.

Since I sit a lot in front of the PC, I always had a backache. I started to strengthen. Since then, I have no problems. I suggest everybody do the same if you have similar issues but always ask your doctor before.

The best machine to train your lower back and improve your posture is the Roman chair. It lets you do hyperextensions. It is best for strengthening lower back muscles, but it can also be used for abdominal workouts.

4. Glute Ham Developer Machine

ghd machine
  • Rating: 5/5
  • For who: beginner-advanced

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The glute hame developer machine (GHD) is an enhanced version of a Roman chair. The GHD has higher rounded padding, which gives a more convenient workout experience and a longer range of motion. We can do the glute-ham developer exercise which works the entire posterior such as the back, glutes, hams, etc. Also, useful for doing sit-ups and crunches.

5. Power Towers

leg raise machine
  • Rating: 5/5
  • For who: beginner-advanced

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Within this list, I have to mention the power towers since they come with the leg/knee raise section. It is a fact that abdominal exercises using the lower body are the most efficient ones. Plus, they put less stress on the lower back. The comfortable backrest and forearm pads support the activities.

The power towers are also equipped with pull-up stations, dip bars, and push-up stands. Hence, we can have a total upper body bodyweight workout at home.

A more basic version is the Captain’s chair (leg lift machine) that hasn’t additional sections just suitable for leg raises.

I love this machine for its versatility.

6. Ab Chairs

ab lounge product
  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • Level: beginner

I think they are one of the most comfortable ways to do abdominal workouts. Because of their structure, the back is protected.

This machine helps to stimulate the crunch via a folding mechanism. You need to use your abs to lift your legs when you use it. This motion stimulates the lower muscles perfectly.

Since it does not need an existing strong core, it is suitable for novices and those who have lower fitness levels.

However, I do not recommend it for those who are used to working out because it does not provide enough resistance. It’s the best choice for overweight, seniors, and people with injury.

Unfortunately, there are some low-quality products.

7. Ab Gliders

ab coaster
  • Effectiveness: 3/5
  • For who: beginner

Gliders come with a unique design to stimulate the crunch. Hence, the entire movement is controlled by the ab machine. Besides, it trains the shoulders as well as the back.

In my opinion, these ab exercise machines are not the best. There are far better tools for core health. The problem is that the movement is driven by the device, which is not natural.

8. Ab Cruncher

man workout ab rocker
  • Efficiency: 3/5
  • Hardness: beginner

Ab roller machines (ab crunch machines) are useful tools to develop the upper part of your abdominals seriously. The advantage of this device is that it supports the neck. This way, it helps to avoid strains and to perform the movement correctly. Most of the people feel pain in their neck when they do crunches. By using it, you can prevent it.

I think it is useful for older adults or beginners to do abs exercises at home. However, for complete core training is not enough. The abdomen should be targeted from different angles and activities. For example, the cruncher doesn’t work obliques.

9. Stability Ball

woman stability ball exercise
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • For who: beginner-advanced

Well, it is not a standard thing for ab workouts, but a ball can be used many ways to do abdominal and obliques exercises, as well as other core workouts.

It is cheap, and if we use it correctly, we can achieve excellent results with it. For some bucks, we can have a ball that we can use many ways to train the entire body and make the daily workouts more enjoyable. For instance, I use a ball for crunching and for stretching after I finish my routine.

The main benefit of the fitness ball is that it gives an unstable state. This way, no matter what types of exercises you do with it, the core muscles are activated to keep the balance of the body.

10. Ab Mat

ab mat
  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • Level: beginner-intermediate

The ab mat is a sort of sit-up exercise gear. Many people feel pain in their back while doing sit-ups, but the mat eliminates this stress by supporting those areas. Besides, since the hips are elevated, the length of the motion is longer, which leads to better abdominal muscle stimulation.

It’s a simple yet powerful ab workout equipment to strengthen your abdomen at home.

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11. Medicine ball

parson med ball
  • Effectiveness: 5/5
  • Level: intermediate-advanced

Fighters use the medicine ball for their core training a lot. The ball can be used for adding extra resistance to the typical obliques and ab exercises such as weighted Russian Twist. Also, we can do special drills such as medicine ball slams. I suggest it if you want to modify your ab workout routine to make it more exciting.

12. Resistance Bands

resistance band girl
  • Effectiveness: 4/5
  • For who: beginner-advanced

Rubber bands are somewhat underestimated exercise equipment, but they are beneficial for strength training. As you pull the band, the resistance increases explosively, which has different effects on the muscle fibers. This leads to more varied ab training. Plus, we can change from a wide range of resistance to our strength.


Which exercise machine is best for losing belly fat?

If you want to have a lean stomach, workout machines for abs don’t help that much. To lose belly fat, you should lose weight. You should do cardio workout and follow a healthy diet to get a daily calorie deficit. This way, the body starts burning the existing fat storage. The devices above target your midsection and made for strength training, so they don’t support your calorie-burning efforts.

What machines are good for abs?

The problem with most of the gym mechanisms is that they control the motion too much, and they strickly target one particular muscle group. That is not natural for the body. When you perform a move in real life, many muscles work together to fulfill the motion. The best core exercise equipment such as the leg raise machine, ab wheel, etc. don’t control the movement too much. They activate the stabilizer muscles.

Do ab stimulators give you abs?

Ab simulators and other ab machines as seen on tv won’t build you a six-pack and firm abs. Strength and size only come from hard work. If you are already lean, they may help, but gives no power. We just lie to ourselves.

ab workout equipment infographic

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