Top Guide For Ab Slide – Why It is so Good!

An ab slide is among those cheap home fitness machines that are proven to help with getting a flat stomach. In addition, it is more than just abdominal training equipment as it helps to work your entire body efficiently. It is useful for both beginner and advanced trainers, and because of its small size, it can be used anywhere.

Below you can find everything you need to know about the ab roller, how it works, how it can help you, and where you can get it at the best price.

How does Ab Slider Work?

All About Ab Slider
Work Your Entire Body!

This equipment helps to train abdominal muscles in two ways. Once you roll it out it stretches your abs, but they should also work to keep your body in this stretched position. When you roll it in, the muscles also work since they have to pull your bodyweight back to the starting position.

Because of the continuous resistance, an ab roller trains the midsection very effectively. Other abdominal exercises such as sit-ups, or crunches only stimulate the muscles in one way, when we pull up our body. Overall, with fewer repetitions and sets we can train abs better.

How effective is a core slider? Considering the mentioned facts on how it works, we have to say it is among the most powerful ab machines.

It helps to strengthen the entire core muscles efficiently. It helps to tone muscles and to burn some calories.

What muscles does the ab slider work?

ab slide muscles worked

While you roll it in and out, all core muscles are used. So, it trains the upper and lower abdomen (rectus abdominis), external and internal obliques, and the transverse abdominis. Moreover, this exercise machine works your lower back, shoulders, arms, chest, waist and even your legs as all these muscles must be used for the motion. That is why it is so powerful.

How to use an abdominal roller correctly

In order to get the best results, you should use it correctly. The further you roll it out, the more you train your abs and use other muscles groups. You have to keep your body stable and control the motion. Use a mat that is more comfortable for your knees.

Check the ab slide workout video below to see how to use it correctly.

How often to use your ab wheel?

It depends on what is your fitness level and how bad you want to achieve a flat stomach. Making ab slide exercises with other ab workouts 3 – 4 times a week can bring you good results in a short time. But you should not forget that you have to follow a good diet and do some other cardio training.

Personally, I have just integrated slide workouts into my training sessions, and I love this tool as it works my abs differently than other exercises. It really helps to make my abdominal training more complete and to build muscles.

What to Watch Out if You are a Beginner

The motion we do during the usage of the ab wheel needs rather strong abdominal muscles and lower back. If you have any lower back problems it is suggested to discuss with your doctor before.

Before your workouts always take time to warm up your entire body, especially your lower back to avoid strains. You can strengthen your lower back by doing hyperextensions or exercises on a Roman chair.

Moreover, if you are new to ab training, do the movement slowly. Concentrate on the motion and increase the reps and sets gradually as you get a stronger core.

Where can you buy it?

This home fitness equipment can be found nearly in all stores nowadays, but I think the best place to order is Amazon since prices are lower. In addition, you can read a lot of customer reviews on different products, as well.

Below I have collected the best-rated ab rollers that have the most positive reviews, and they are on the market for some years now.

Here is the review of Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro which is the best of all!


Overall, if you are searching for efficient equipment which helps you to get yourself in shape without going to the gym an abdominal slide is a good and cheap solution.