Powerful Barbell Ab Workouts & Exercises to Develop Your Core

barbell ab workouts
What are the best core exercises with weights?

After sharing core exercises like dumbbells and kettlebells, I would like to share with you a few barbell ab exercises. Using a weight bar for core training is not very common, but you will see there are some activities which strengthen and tone muscles efficiently. You can use these movements to modify your abs workout routine a bit and to work the core muscles unusually.

In my opinion, these activities can also help a lot with fat loss as several muscle groups should work together. That way your body requires more energy, so it will burn more calories.

Before including any of these barbell ab workouts, please, keep in mind that, you must be well-warmed up before doing any of these moves. Besides, do not use big amount of weights in order to perform the motions correctly and avoid injuries.

Now let me show you the barbell core exercises and workouts I found.

Guide to barbell ab exercises

1. Barbell Swing for Abs

This is one of the most well-known core exercises with a barbell which is used by athletes. It works the entire core, but it is really beneficial for oblique muscles. Until, you get used to the movement do not use any weights and as you get familiar with it you can put on some extra weights. Be careful, this move needs strong lower back.



2. Barbell Core Training

The exercises in this video help to develop the rotational strength. Besides, as they are compound movements, you will enjoy the cardio benefits as well.



3. Barbell Abs Rollout

The motion is similar to the one you do if you use an ab wheel. However, it is maybe harder since, besides your body weight, you must handle the weight of the barbell and the weights as well.


4. Standing Barbell Russian Twist

Want to work your obliques? Then, here is an alternative oblique twist which is excellent for that. Although, in order to get the best outcome, you should do the movement accurately, so follow the guidelines in the video perform the oblique barbell twist safely.


5. Rotational Core Workout with Weights

This is an advanced core exercise, so it is not the best for beginners, since it needs really strong midsection.


6. Barbell Overhead Carry

While it seems to be an exercise for the shoulders and legs, it works the core perfectly. As you walk with the bar your core muscles have to work to keep the stability and the balance of your body. This is an excellent exercise to enhance your functional strength.


7. Barbell Oblique Side Bends

If you really want to focus on your oblique muscles, than try this. But be careful! Do, not use too heavy weights, in most of the cases the weight of the bar will do. You can also do it in a seated position.


Stomach exercises with weights: Fitness Tips for Women

Though, this video was made for women, you can get a few ideas on how to use this equipment to enhance the common exercises such as crunches, sit-ups, etc.


Finally, here is a sample routine in which legs and abs are combined.

weighted bar exercises abs
Source: lushiouslifts.com | Stomach exercises using weights


As you see above barbell is a very useful equipment for core training. Add a few of these abdominal exercises using weights to your workout routine and you will see that they will make your core really strong.