Why Is It Important to Have a Strong Core?

Benefits of strong core muscles

If you ask someone why he or she has core workouts, the answer in most of the cases is to have beautiful flat stomach or six pack abs. That is an excellent goal for sure, but strengthening your core muscles have far more benefits than beauty.

Since it is a sort of connection between your upper and lower body, it takes place in almost every move you make from running to lifting weight and of course in daily activities. Hence, it is important to strengthen them.

Here you will learn the benefits of core training and other useful information about the topic. Let’s start.

What is the core of the body?

Most of the people mix up the core and the abdominal muscles. It consists of more types of muscles among them the ones of the abdomen.

Here is the core muscles list.

list of muscles
Core muscles anatomy | Credit: breedonprioryhealthclub.co.uk


Primary ones:

  • pelvic floor muscles
  • internal and external oblique
  • transversus abdominis
  • multifidus
  • rectus abdominis
  • erector spinae
  • diaphragm

Secondary ones:

  • latissimus dorsi
  • trapezius
  • gluteus maximus

So, as you can see almost all the muscles of the torso.

What do core muscles do?

From the following video, you can learn how it functions and why they are so important.


What is core training?

Since there are so many muscles that make up this body part, it is not enough to strengthen just the abdominal ones like most of the people do. For example, by doing only crunches, you train mainly your abdominis and neglect the other parts.

Therefore, it is essential to have a workout routine which strengthens your midsection entirely.

It seems to be complicated since so many muscles are listed, but keep in mind that most of the core muscles exercises work not just one particular muscle but more at the same time. So, if you do 3-5 practices, you can have a complete core strength training.

Let me give you an example.

You do:

  • Plank that works your transverse and rectus abdominis, also your pelvic muscles.
  • Russian twist that mainly works your internal and external oblique and your hips.
  • Hyperextension that works your spine muscles, glutes and back.

Just three type of exercises but you worked all the muscles. Of course, by adding more, you can work them even better.

So, when you want to start a workout or when you create your own do not forget to include core training exercises for each muscle.

Why is core strength important?

Having strong core helps you to perform better in all parts of the life no matter if you work out or not. It enhances the physical fitness of your body, but it also has wellness advantages.

Benefits of core strength training:

  1. It develops the stabilization of the torso, so you balance will be better.
  2. It makes your stomach flat and tight.
  3. It helps to get better performance and lowers the risk of injuries in any sport or daily activities.
  4. One of the main reasons why people have lower back pain is the weak core strength. By making them stronger, you can control and prevent back pain.
  5. It develops your posture. So, when you stand you look taller and fitter. While sitting, you will also have a better posture.
  6. It helps to burn belly fat. People having a thick layer of fat around their tummies have a higher risk of getting diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Therefore, you will live longer.
  7. It improves the respiratory function of your body. Better breathing improves your physical performance.
  8. It regulates inflammation, so you recover faster from workouts and feel yourself better in your skin.
  9. It teaches the upper and lower body muscles to cooperate with each other more effectively.
  10. It helps proper deal of body weight.


The importance of core strength is undoubted. It helps you to perform better, avoid injuries and keep your body healthy and fit. So, spend at least 3 times a week with strengthening your midsection.

Why is it important to strengthen your core? What do you think? Share with us below.

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