Best 5 Minute Ab Workout Routines


5 Minute Ab Workout

A quick 5 minute ab workout routine may sound a bit unbelievable to be efficient, but it has been proved that it works. If you are eating right and do intensive cardio training regularly, you can get a flat stomach even if you do ab exercises only for 5 minutes.

By controlling your calorie intake and intensive cardio, you will lose belly fat, so your abs will be visible. The key factor is to do these routines regularly at least 4-5 times a week. You are maybe interested in cardio ab workouts.

It is also crucial to focus on those abdominal muscles and perform the movements accurately. You should do as many reps as possible. By these kinds routines, you will tone and strengthen your core.

Below I have collected some of the best quick core workout routine videos and presentations that only last for 5 minutes.

5 Minute Home Abs Workout without Equipment

This routine includes the following exercises:

  • Standing knee raises which is a great standing abdominal workout.
  • Laying down knee touch, which is a good crunch alternative.
  • Body curl and lift for lower abs.
  • Side to side fist for obliques.
  • Side leg curls for obliques and hips.


5 Minute Abs Workout with Mike Chang

An intensive routine which trains not only your abs, but also your chest, shoulders and arms since all the exercises are done in push up position. It includes some of the best strength training workouts you can do on the floor which will shape the entire core efficiently.



5 Min Ab Ripper Workout for Women

This is a moderate routine for women, but do not think it is not sufficient. It contains a few crunch variations, leg raising and planks.


Express Nonstop Abs & Obliques Workout Routine

This is a truly intensive routine with 10 kinds of exercises. You should do it without resting and each exercise last for 25 seconds. If you want to burn some belly fat after your general routine, try this one.


Quick Abs – Easy Stomach Abdominal Exercises

Some easier exercises for beginners with crunches, leg raising and planks.


Killer Fast Home Workout

To tell the truth this 5 minute core routine is one of my favorite and I usually do it after working my other body parts. This guy combined the most beneficial exercises out there to train the entire core efficiently. Quick, yet efficient!


The Plank Challenge

As you probably know plank and its variations are the best strength training exercises for the core. The following routine contains only planks but believe me after 5 min you will feel the burn.



And finally, here are some more excellent quick training to strengthen and tone your entire core.


Intense 5 minute ab workout for women





If I do ab workouts 5 min a day, how long will it take for me to get flat abs?

It depends on the diet and the cardio you do. Just because, you do abdominal exercises for 5 minutes you will never have a flat stomach. You need to get rid of the fat that covers your abdominal muscles. Therefore, you need to eat the right healthy foods and do cardio.

Can I lose weight by doing a 5 minute workout routine?

No! To burn fat, you require longer sessions. The routines above are good for strengthening and toning muscles. You should control your calorie intake and do cardio consistently.

How many calories will I burn with these 5 minute routines?

Not, so many. So they are not suitable for weight loss.

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