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Best Abs RollerAbdominal crunches are suggested by most of the trainers as it is a great way to train the core muscles and to tone them. Unfortunately, many people do this abs exercise improperly. They usually complain about strains and other injuries, mainly in their necks and lower backs.

An ab roller is a special home fitness equipment which helps to do crunches correctly. It has a special structure which holds the neck and the head properly protecting them while the motion is done.

Besides, the whole movement is controlled by this ab machine and that way the crunches are more efficient.

Overall, it is an easy to use and effective equipment to train the upper part of the abdominus mainly and to tone abdominal muscles. There are particular abs workouts such as side crunches, which help to train obliques, as well. It also helps to burn belly fat a bit.

There are many products you can choose from on different prices. But I have to say they are all the same. Maybe there is some difference between the prices.

SuggestionWhat is the best abdominal wheel? My answer is Ab Roller Evolution.

And why? Because it is more than just a simple ab wheel. It allows us to train the whole upper body like the chest, arms and shoulders. Moreover, the resistance can be enhanced by using weights. Furthermore, it costs just a little bit more than the other abdominal exercise machines like this.

What are the Benefits

  • Because of its special ergonomic structure, it supports your neck, head and your whole upper body to avoid injuries and strains caused by improper or too fast movements.
  • Strengthen the core muscles effectively, mainly the upper and center rectus abdominus, but with some alternative exercises you can train obliques.
  • For more effective workouts, you can put weights on it to increase the resistance.
  • Because of its strong structure you can us it for many other body weight exercises. You can make dips which is good to train shoulders and tricepses. It can be used to make push ups for a chest workout.
  • Because of its size it can be stored easily. It is an efficient tool for a home gym.


User Review

What Other Users Think About It

Most of the users have positive reviews about this ab exercise machine. It is used by a wide range of people.

Most people say they like this equipment for abs training because it holds their neck and head properly. Therefore, they do not feel the pain when they do the exercises. Only small number of them complain about they have pain in their neck or it is uncomfortable for them. I think, this comes from improper usage. This fitness equipment helps a lot to control the crunching movement, but the motion should be slow and controlled by us, too.

Many people say when they use it they really feel that their abs really burn. And those who use it regularly, at least 3-4 times week, see great changes on their midsection. They have lost fat on their abdominals, and their muscles are more toned. However, you must not for get if you want to get six pack abs, you will need to follow a healthy diet and do cardio, as well.

It is also easy to assemble, it takes approximately 5-10 minutes, and no special tools are needed. Only a few users complain about falling parts.

Besides abdominal workouts, it used for making push ups and dipping. People say it is really useful to build chest, tricepses and shoulder muscles.

Bigger, wide-shouldered people can use it, as well. Its dimension is 24.5 x 14.2 x 4 inches.

Ab Roller Evolution
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Ab Roller Evolution
As you see this is more than just a simple ab roller since it can be used to do other body weight exercises, as well. It is only a little bit expensive. If you need an ab machine to make workouts at home, it is definitely useful equipment. It is not magic, but can help a lot.


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