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What Is the Best Cardio Machine for Abs?

What is the best cardio machine for abs

Before talking about what is the best cardio machine for abs, I want to tell you something. That is you are in the right direction of getting a flat stomach. You have understood that getting abs is not about doing core exercises like mad. But, it is about lowering your body fat level to have the muscles of your midsection visible. And, what type of training would be better to burn fat than a cardio workout?

The problem comes when you enter the gym, and you bump into a long row of devices. Which cardio machine burns the most belly fat? You may ask someone, but from the answers, you can hardly decide since everyone swears on different equipment.

I will do the same. ๐Ÿ™‚ But, I will tell you the whys.


What is best exercise equipment to lose weight fast?

Before talking about specific equipment, here are a few facts.

Those activities that require your entire body to work burn more calories than those which target one particular muscle group. It is logical, since the more muscle fibers are activated, the more energy and oxygen they need. So, your body needs to use its sources to feed those muscles.

Therefore, treadmill and rowing machine will burn more calories than a stationary bike. When you row or run, your entire body works. While you cycle, mainly your lower body.

But, no matter which gym equipment you use, you will not see results if you do not put effort into it. The amount of calories you can burn mostly depends on your exertion.

Keep in mind that the number of calories burned information on the panel is not accurate. Many factors influence the results. We have a different body type, fitness level, weight, etc. and we react to cardio training differently. And, the technology is not yet smart enough to tell exact numbers.

This way it is better to test in the long run what works for you. Use one type of machine for a few weeks, then switch to another one or you can even combine them. This way you find out which has helped you the most to lose weight.

On the other hand, it is not recommended to stick one particular machine for a long time, since your body will adapt to the training. And, with that, you may not be able to burn as many calories when you started to use the equipment. So, combining is always good.


Which exercise machine burns the most calories per hour?

In my opinion, the [easyazon_link keywords=”rowing machine” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]rowing machine[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link keywords=”treadmill” locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]treadmill[/easyazon_link]ย are the winners. They provide the best cardio for flat stomach. But, you will see that the stair stepper is the winner for maximum calorie burn, but for me, it is a tedious activity.

Check out the following infographic to know the actual numbers, the pros and cons of the machines, who they are good for and how to use them to get the maximum effect. No matter which you choose, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the most effective method.

gym machine to lose weight
What machines to use at the gym to lose weight fast | Credit:


Now you know the best exercise machines that provide effective cardio exercises for abs. So, you can set up your gym cardio workout plan to burn belly fat.


What if you do not have a chance to use these devices?

Well, there is your body. There are a lot of compound moves that are perfect for boosting your heart rate such as burpees, jumps, mountain climbers (that are among the best cardio core exercises), and other plyometric activities. Learn many more here.

By the way, get a jump rope that is cheap gear, but great for fat burning.

Plus, have training when you combine cardio and abs exercises in a circuit. Find many cardio exercises for abs at home here.

Do not make a mistake thinking that building a healthy and fit body is only possible by going to the gym. You can do a lot to your health and weight loss at home.

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