What is the Best Home Fitness Equipment for Ab Training?


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Nearly every month a new ab training equipment comes out, promoted as the ultimate solution to get six pack abs. There are so many ab machines we can choose from. It is not easy to pick the right one.

Firstly, I have to say most of the “as seen on TV” equipment is useless or at least not as useful as it is told. Getting a flat stomach is not about what kinds of machines or tools you use, but the quality and the quantity of the abdominal exercises, what your diet is and how often you do cardio. You can strengthen and flatten you stomach without using a machine, there are so many powerful bodyweight abdominal exercises you can do.

On the other hand, there is some home fitness equipment which lets you do ab workout more efficiently. This means with less amount of exercises, repetitions and sets you can get the same results as if you did hundreds of crunches. This sort of equipment has been developed to stimulate abdominal muscles better by enhancing traction and stretching.

I have tested some equipment lately, and I use 3 types. These are the adjustable sit up bench, ab sliders and bars. In my point of view, these are the best home fitness equipment for ab training. Now let’s see why.

Sit Up Benches

Adjustable sit up benches allow us to train the entire midsection. As we can change the angle of the board we can increase or decrease the resistance, so beginners as well as intermediate trainers can set it to get the most from it.

We can do a wide variety ab exercises on it not just sit ups such as crunches, leg raises, side crunches etc. You can find some ab bench exercises here.

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Ab Wheel

An ab slider is a simple, yet very useful tool to strengthen the whole midsection as well as the arms, chest, legs and lower back. Beginners may find it hard to use at first as strong general fitness level is needed, but with regular usage we can achieve remarkable results.

I like the ab slider since it trains abs in two ways while we roll it out and in. Consequently, with one motion we can stimulate the muscles better than with other workouts. Finally, it is a really cheap home fitness equipment.

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Workout Bars

Bars are not typical equipment for ab training, but they are very useful for doing a wide variety of exercises to train the complete upper body. We can do various pull ups that work shoulders, back, arms and even the abs incredibly.

We can also do various leg raising workouts that are perfect for strengthening and toning the external and internal obliques and the entire abdominis.

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For some buck you can get a door workout bar or you can get a power tower that allows to perform even more exercises at home.



So my answer for the question “which is the best home fitness equipment for abdominal training” is the ab bench, ab slider and the workout bar.


Can I burn my belly flat with an ab machine?

Well, this is a big misconception. Many people thing that if they buy some sorts of fitness equipment for abs and do some exercises 3-4 times a week, they will have flat stomach. Equipment is good for working your abs, but in order to lose belly fat, you will need to do cardio and proper nutrition.

Are there other home fitness equipment which is useful for core training?

In my point of view Roman chairs are very useful since they help to strengthen the lower back which is crucial in addition we can do several abdominal exercises as well.

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