Best Bodyweight Ab Exercises

bodyweight ab exercises

Since I started calisthenics, I have been training my entire body with these sorts of movements. Bodyweight ab exercises have brought me the best results. My abdominal is flatter than ever before, and my midsection is really strong which is needed a lot for calisthenics workouts. To tell the truth, none of the weight trainings I used to do were as effective as these workouts.

In addition, these types of moves train other muscles, as well. They do not harm the lower back, help to develop cardiovascular system and increase metabolism. Plus no serious equipment is needed, at least a bar.

70% percent of my routines contain bodyweight exercises on bars. I do many sorts of leg raising to train my core muscles, obliques. The other 30% includes the typical practices with and without ab machines.

My Favorite Bodyweight Ab Exercises

The advanced core workout routine I like to show you below is a killer one that strengthen the entire abdominal muscles and burn stomach fat. It is really hard, but it helps to achieve killer midsection. This bodyweight workout routine is suggested by El Kavadlo who was one of the first men who began sharing information on calisthenics. He is one of my icons.

Because this ab training is not the easiest, I suggest it for intermediate trainers. Since it is hard for me as well, I do not do the entire workout after my general practice, but on a separate session. I do 2-3 times a week picking 3-5 drills, and I do 3-4 times 10-15 reps. After general training, I do about 1-3 of the harder moves from these.

You do not have to do all the core exercises mentioned below at once. Pick one or two you can do perfectly and integrate them into your routine.

In order to get the best results you should control the movements, you should feel the tension in your muscles. It is crucial to warm up before, mainly your shoulders which are used a lot.

The video includes the following easy and advanced bodyweight core exercises: plank, hanging knee raise, hanging leg raise, L-sit, front lever, dragon flag

1. Plank

It is a general abdominal exercise to train rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. It is necessary to do it properly, you should feel that your abdominal muscles are working. If you don’t feel after 15 seconds, you do it badly. Here are some other plank variations.

2. Hanging Knee and Leg Raise

These are may favorites. These lifts train the whole core muscles. Knee raise is a bit easier so started with that if you cannot do leg raises correctly. Alternatively, do knee and leg raise on both sides, this trains your external obliques efficiently. I do at least 10 repetitions.

3. L-Sit

This is a static training for abdominals. The starting position is very vital to maintain your stability and to keep your feet as high as you can. I do it at least for 30 seconds. Keep you hips as high as possible and keep the posture.

4. Front Lever

That is the king for me. It trains the entire midsection ultra effectively, but it is really hard do it well. In order to do the motion correctly, you need to use multiple muscles at the same time.

5. Dragon Flag

Dragon flag is another ultra powerful bodyweight exercise to train abs and other muscles, as well. Do not mix it with simple leg raise on the floor, you entire body must be lifted up, even your chest. I think it is among the best advanced core exercises.

As you can see these are really powerful moves and with a good diet, proper nutrition and calorie intake and fitness cardio you can build six pack abs. If you are fed up crunches and sit-ups, try them, you will see how effective they are.

More Efficient Exercises without Equipment

I do more sorts bodyweight exercises for abs. I believe, the more more sorts of workouts we do, the better results we will get. Here are some other workouts which do not need any equipment, but really efficient.

Ankle Wiggles which is great for strengthening obliques and hips. It is important to concentrate on your sides while you do the motion.


Push Up with Rotation which is an enhanced push up that trains shoulders, arms and abs incredibly. You can do it without using weights first.


Straight Leg Obliques another great practice for obliques training.


Scissor Kicks which is very good for lower abs training.


Burpees which trains the whole midsection efficiently and at the same time helps to burn belly fat. Similar movements are mountain climbers.


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