Bowflex BodyTower Review | Is It Good Workout Tower?

Bowflex BodyTower Review

The Bowflex BodyTower is without a doubt one of the most popular pull up and dip stations out there. Maybe because of the other high-quality home exercise equipment this brand manufactures.

Overall, it is not a bad piece, but as with everything in life what works for one, may not for others.

There are a few functions what makes standing out from other power towers.

Firstly, it comes with some additional accessories (hand grips, sling straps, workout placard) that are particularly beneficial for beginners who want to start bodyweight training.

Also, it has an adjustable dip section so that you can tweak to your height or perform more types of exercises.

Finally, it has a somewhat extended stabilizers at the bottom to avoid wobbling and the dip and pull up station are on the same side so that you can save space.

Then, what are the problems?

First of all, even if the max weight capacity is 300 lbs people over 220 pounds complain about wobbling (but that may come from improper exercise form or uneven flooring.)

Also, since it is a compact tower people over 6 feet may find it uncomfortable to use because of the lack of space at the dip section.

Moreover, the vertical knee raise station has no padded elbow rest which makes the exercise a bit uncomfortable.


  • Useful accessories for beginners
  • Compact design
  • Provides many possibilities to exercise
  • Acceptable weight capacity
  • Adjustable
  • Safe grips


  • Short for tall users
  • No padding for VKR (but has straps)
  • More expensive than other equipment

To sum up, it is a good buy for an average level and size trainee, mainly if he/she is a beginner. However, not for big or pro guys.

Price / More customer Reviews

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Read more customer reviews Bowflex BodyTower reviews here.

  • Required workout area: L 53″ x W 50″ x H 77″
  • Weight: 110 lbs

For our detailed review, read on.


The Best Features of Bowflex BodyTower

1. Great choice of beginners

Even if bodyweight training seems to a natural way to train, many people find it hard to start performing such exercises like pull-ups or hanging leg raises. To perform those moves correctly, beginners need to have developing exercises to get the required strength. Well, this tower comes with attachments that can help with them.

By placing your elbows in the slinging straps the motion for the hanging or knee raises is more controlled and the user does not have to hold his entire body weight. Hence, it is a useful practice until the trainee gets strong enough for the standard moves.

Hanging grips are excellent to perform the inverted bodyweight row which is an excellent progression exercise for the pull-up. Since the dip bars are adjustable, you can even tweak the difficulty of the rows.

To sum up, Bowflex is beginner friendly power tower.

Bowflex power tower exercises

Few Bowflex BodyTower exercises


2. Adjustable horizontal bars for more types of exercises

This is a practical feature that is not so typical in other workout stations. You can put it into 7 positions. Moreover, even if that is a moveable part, it is fixed-well under usage.

Thanks to the adjustability you can do more types of exercises or change the intensity of the moves.

For example, you can do dips when your feet are placed on the floor. Or, perform decline push-ups or Bulgarian split squats to mention a few.


3. Space saving design

Firstly, the pull up and the dip station is on the same side so that the equipment does not need so much space. For example, you can put it in the corner of a room.

The footprint is L 53″ x W 50″ which is a typical dimension, but a few people find it a bit big. However, those extended stabilizers are essential to avoid wobbling which is annoying during training.

The height is 77 inches, so you may use it in a room with a lower ceiling.


4. Acceptable maximum weight capacity

The maximum load is 300 lb which is enough for an average user. People under 200 lbs say it is stable and do not experience any wobbling if the exercises are done without momentum (anyway, that is how they must be done). Even guys around 220 lbs say it is OK to use.

However, Bodytower is indeed not a commercial grade power tower, so I do not recommend it for hefty guys or someone who wants to use additional weights for training. For that, a more robust equipment is required.


The bad

1. Not for taller people

Because of the structure people over 6 feet may find it a bit short to work out on. That is mainly true for the dip station since they have to lean forward or backward a little bit to avoid banging their head into the pull-up bar.

The height of the pull-up bar might be another problem, but with bent knees, that level should be enough if you are around 6.3 feet. If you are over that, do not purchase it.

compact design

Quite short for taller people


2. Price

The BodyTower comes with additional attachments, made by a trusted manufacturer and provides a good workout experience. However, I think its price is too high.

You can get a quality workout station for the half of it such as Xmark power tower. Although, they do not come with extras. Also, for a little bit more, you can buy commercial grade pull up dip station such as Fitness Reality.



Can I do muscle ups with it?

I do not recommend. This product is not robust enough for that.

How many inches apart are the dip bars?

From 19.5 to 22.5 inches at the end. That wideness is suitable for most of the users.

Is the assembly complicated?

Not so bad, but it takes time.


Conclusion / Is it for you?

The Bowflex Bodytower workouts are for average height and weight people at beginner/intermediate fitness level. It provides good user experience, and it is useful equipment for a power tower workout routine. However, I believe that price is too much for home gym equipment like this.


  • Features
  • Shipping / Assembly
  • Training Experience
  • Price

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