The Killer Boxing Core Workout of Gennady Golovkin

boxing core workout
Boxing abs conditioning

Boxers may have the firmest midsection of the world. And that is not a surprise since that section of their body has to stand serious punches. Hence, they train their abs seriously.


Completely and extremely!

They strengthen each part of their core so as not to have an area that is weaker than others. A weak area is a potential place for the opponent to slowly or fast kill the boxer.

Hence, they do many types of exercises, and a lot of reps to make their midsection rock solid.

Need an example boxing abs workout?

What could be better than Gennady Golovkin’s workout? The whole routine is just 20 minutes but very intensive and throughout.


Would you like to have a similar boxing core workout?

Just keep the following things in mind when you create your plan.

1. Strengthen every part of your core with a wide range of exercises

  • Rectus abdominis, you know, the six-pack muscles, which are in the middle of the midsection. Good exercises for that area are sit-ups, crunches, ab wheel and leg raises.
  • Transversus abdominis which muscles are not visible but take place in breathing, compress the internal organs and stabilize the lower back and the pelvis. The different plank variations work that area efficiently.
  • The internal and external obliques, the muscles that can be found on each side of your stomach. Torso rotational movements work those areas well such as Russian twist.
  • Lower back and spine muscles for balance and proper posture. The hyperextension exercises on the ground or with the help of a Roman chair are the best moves for that.

2. Do a lot of reps. 15-20 reps per set are not enough if you want to get firm boxer’s abs. Go up to 30-40 or even more. And try to decrease the rest between the sets a little as possible.

3. Do both short and full range of motion exercises. As you can see from the Gennady Golovkin’s workout above, he performs short moves such as quick and small crunches. But, he also takes movements with a long range of motion such as ab wheel rolls.

4. Use various methods to add extra resistance to the exercises to boost core strength. Perform the moves with weights like a dumbbell or weight plate such as Russian twist with a plate. Or do the drills on a high level sit up bench such as decline crunches.

5. Make your boxing core workout as intensive as possible. Hence, it will develop your endurance.

To sum up…

If you want to get such firm abs as boxers have, you have to work for it, a lot. For that, you need to have a boxing ab circuit that includes many types of training techniques. Hence, it is very versatile but hard.

But, if you are dedicated, you can build a midsection that looks not only cool but so strong that it will stand the hugest punches.

Check the following for more ideas:


Does boxing help build abs?

Well, boxing is excellent training for improving your endurance, cardio, and burning fat. Also when you practice the punches, stance, footwork, you have to move your torso forward, backward and rotate it, and keep your abs tight. Hence, it works your core, but further abs exercises are required.