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A pull up dip station is certainly the most beneficial exercise equipment you can have at home if you prefer bodyweight training. Thanks the various stations it comes with, you can perform pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, push ups and a lot of other variations to have a total upper body strength training at home.

But, if you have not shopped one before, you may not know what you should look for when buying. They are not cheap. Who wants to spend on something that does not provide a good workout experience and not suitable for you?

Within this buying guide, I would like to help you to learn what you should check out before purchasing one. So, you can find the most suitable workout tower for you.

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Buy a Power Tower? Check These Out!

1. Weight capacity

Typically, these equipment has about 250 lbs max capacity which is suitable for most of the people. Even if you are around 200 lbs, you can train safely with it.

However, if you are at an advanced fitness level, you may want to use additional weights. For example, you want to do pull-ups with weight plates hanging on your belt. If you are 200 lbs, like me, and you pack on 40 pounds, well a 250 lbs capacity tower is not going to be safe anymore. It may break and wobble.

So, if you are a hefty guy or want to perform weighted bodyweight exercises, it is better to buy a pull up and dip station with higher maximum capacity.

Gym quality equipment such as Fitness Reality X Class High Capacity commercial grade power tower or Xmark XM-7617 are two products with capacity over 500 lbs. That level is enough for even serious trainees. Obviously, they cost much more than other items, but they last forever and support your development in the long run.

If you have average weight and just need something to get stronger, a standard tower will do.


2. Stability



A wobbling and moving exercise tower is not only annoying, since you cannot focus on your training, but dangerous as well.

Typically, units with more extended and broader stabilizers, mainly if they are horn-shaped are more stable. Higher weight is also a good sign.

If you buy online, you cannot try it, so it is vital to read the customer reviews to know if they complain about wobbling.

Tip: Wobbling might also happen because of the uneven floor. If that is the case, you can put a rubber gym mat under it. But, if you are a techie guy, you can fix it to the ground as well with bolts, so there will be no wobbling at all.


3. Dimensions

A pull up dip station is large equipment that requires space in every dimension.

Firstly, check if the ceiling is high enough to perform pull ups or chin ups. Keep in mind that you need extra space above the pull up bar as well since your head is above the bar. I think, 20-30 inches is enough.

Also, you need space around the tower, for example, when you do leg raises or push-ups. I think, 5 feet is the minimum at the back and the front.

Most of the power towers are around 80 inches height which is suitable for an average height person. If you are tall, you can search for items with a high pull-up bar, but the maximum I saw was 85 inches. So, most of the people, unless they are very short, should bend their knees while using the pull up station.


4. Assembly

Well, I put this factor on the list, because there are products which are hard to assemble because of missing bolts, washers or other harder. Some equipment comes with badly-designed parts.

Hence, it is crucial to check out the customer reviews for the delivery. If there are a lot of problems, it is better not to buy that power tower.

Tip: Tighten the bolts after the assembly. This way the tower will be more stable.


5. Workout experience

grip positions

Various grip positions

Read the user reviews to know who comfortable it is to use.

Do the hand grips provide good gripping surface? Isn’t the pull up bar too thin or thick? Do the forearm pad, and the backrest of the vertical knee raise station provide good support? Do the dip handles have a comfortable distance?


6. Price & Warranty

A long warranty is a good sign that the product is durable. Look for the frame warranty since that is the most important. If it is around 5 years that is a good buy. For the upholstery the warranty is usually about a year, but you can replace them.

I regularly check out the prices both online and offline, and the best deals are on Amazon. Almost always you get free shipping as well.


To conclude

If you follow the guide above, I’m sure you will buy a power tower which is the most suitable for you and provides a good user experience. If you still have questions, feel free to ask below.


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