Best Cardio Abs Workout Routines to Lose Belly Fat Fast

cardio abs workout

If you want to have a flat stomach you should do 3 things: abs exercises, look after what you eat and do cardio to boost your heart rate. In order to have visible ab muscles, you should get rid of that fat that covers your tummy.

In this post you will find various cardio abs workout routines. That means during the training you can burn belly fat because of the heart pumping moves, and strengthen and tone your abs with the help of the various exercises.

Home Kickboxing Cardio Abs Workout

If you have checked the other pages of, you have probably read that I do kick-boxing. I started it to develop my cardiovascular system and of course to burn fat. I have been doing it for 4-5 months now, and I lost a lot of stomach fat.

I realized that the movements I make during my kick-boxing routine such as high, front and knee kicks, shin blocks and others train my ab muscles extremely well. They can be seen as vertical ab exercises. Moreover, a 30-40 minutes intensive kick-boxing program is truly sweaty. You do not need any equipment.

HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout Plan

Of course, not everybody likes doing kicking and punching type training. For them here is a great cardio and core workout made by Fitnessblender. It is a 30 mins training with numerous efficient horizontal and vertical abdominal exercises and many other activities.

Anyway, it works all body parts efficiently. It is beneficial for both men and women, though it is made by Kelli.

Personally, I suggest doing this routine at least 3 times a week. Follow the guidelines and perform the exercises as correctly as possible. Push the movements and never stop!

Intense Abs and Cardio Workout

This is really intensive 10 minute training with Mike Cheng. It contains 4 sorts of exercises for abs: half burpees, elbows to knee crunch, mountain climbers and  jack knives. You will need to perform 4 sets and do the exercises for 30 seconds with no rest between. This routine is really efficient to burn some extra fat.

Another Kickboxing Routine

To tell the truth when I started doing workouts 10 months ago, this video motivated me towards to do boxing as cardio training. This is a 17 minutes routine with kickboxing movements and abs and obliques exercises. I did this plan 3 times a week besides calisthenics and I lost 6 kgs in 2 months and I burned a lot of belly fat. 🙂 I recommend this routine not just for weight loss but for getting rid of stress.

15 Min Insanity Workout

In this video you heart pumping moves are combines with bodyweight abdominal exercises. Besides the midsection, it works your legs as well.

Cardio Dance Training

Do you want something more enjoyable or do you like dancing this workout is for you! It may sound easy at first but believe me it is not so easy and burns fat like hell.

Need more fat burning core workouts?

If you did not find the training you are looking for here are more plans with cardio core exercises.

If you want to add some extra boost for your abdominal training, use the good old skipping rope. Jumping rope exercises are very effective to work your entire body, lose weight plus they help to improve your cardiovascular system.

jump rope with abs training
Abs and cardio workout with jump rope
ab blaster
Cardio core workout plan at home
circuit workout
Intermediate level cardio ab routine

Related Questions

Are core workouts without cardio effective?

Yes, but it is strongly suggested. If you have low body fat level and your tummy is not covered with fat, you will surely needs fewer fat burning exercises and diet. However, if you have some extra fat, you have to do cardiovacular training to burn it. Just because you do ab workouts, you will not have a flat stomach. You should burn calories, it is as simple as that.

Are there any other cardio exercises for abs?

Of course! For example burpees and various mountain climber exercises are very useful as well. It think, running or jumping rope is the best cardio for flat stomach.