What is the best core exercise equipment?

Before showing you what the most beneficial core exercise equipment is, I would like to talk about what is the difference between core and abs strength training because people usually mixed the two.

Your abs are part of your core. Hence, the core itself consists of more muscles. These are mainly: rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, internal and external oblique, lower back and glutes. The muscles which are between your upper and lower body.

core muscles anatomy

So, when we talk about total core training, we have to do exercises or use fitness equipment that works all the parts.

People like focusing on only the rectus abdominis (and maybe the oblique) because that is the area what makes the six pack abs. With that, someone can have shredded midsection, but that does not mean he has a strong core as well.

The core is a critical part of the body which connects the lower and upper body. Hence, it takes place in almost every move you make.

A weak midsection can lead to poor performance in training, injuries, bad posture and other physical problems. So, strengthening it is vital for everyone.

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What are the best exercises for the core?

There two ways.

You can do exercises for targeting one particular area of it. For example, crunches for the upper abdominals or side bends for the external oblique. But, total targeting is impossible since the core works as a whole.

Another way is to perform compound exercises meaning all the muscles of the core is engaged. I think it is a much better way since this method strengthens it as a whole using its natural functions.

For example, when you do hanging leg raises your core works in several ways. Your obliques control your body from moving to the sides while your lower back muscles try to keep your torso in a straight position. And when you lift your legs your abdominal muscles work. So, all the core muscles are engaged.

Anyway, both types of exercises are beneficial, but with compound moves, we can train that area more effectively and naturally.

Now let’s focus on the equipment which will give you that.


Top 3 core exercise equipment for home

1. The ab wheel

core exercise equipment

Ab wheel muscles worked

It is a simple yet effective home workout equipment. While you roll in and out the wheel, you use your body weight as resistance. Hence, it is not easy to perform for total beginners or people being overweight.

However, that motion is a total core engager. During the movement, we have to use the power of the abs to roll in and out. But, we also have to control the motion, keep the balance and proper form with the help of the oblique, lower back, glutes. And, naturally, the chest, shoulders, and arms are used as well.

This cheap equipment provides a full upper body training.

If you want to get one, I recommend the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro since it is ergonomically designed, but you can choose from hundreds of products on Amazon here.


2. Stability ball or the Bosu Ball


The fitness ball is a versatile piece of home exercise equipment, it is particularly beneficial for strengthening your midsection.

No matter what exercise you do, since it provides an unstable base, the core muscles are activated to keep your balance. For example, when you do crunches on it, your obliques and glutes work to avoid slipping off.

You can get one for a few bucks here.

The bosu ball is maybe a better option for beginners since it provides a bit more stable base for the exercises but still requires coordination.

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3. Pull up bar for leg raises

leg lift muscles worked

Credit: weighttraining.guide

I have already given the reasons why leg lifts are good for your core, and you can learn more about leg raises here.

But, a pull-up bar is excellent for several other bodyweight exercises. Guest what? Pull up which is said to be the king of the upper body exercises.

You can get a doorway bar for cheap, but I prefer a standalone bar or power tower since they provide far better training experience. The power tower even comes with a vertical knee raise station which is a better option for beginners since it helps to control the motion.

No more?

Well, I do not list more core exercise equipment here because the mentioned ones are far enough and perfect for home training. They are affordable and effective better than the shiny machines in the gym.



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