Why power towers are effective to build muscle?

The power tower is workout equipment to perform the most common bodyweight exercises. We have a vision that the only way to build muscle is by lifting weight. We see guys in the gym and on the covers of the magazines who are big and muscular. It seems that we must pump iron.

Well, even thousands of years ago, there were muscular soldiers. The proofs are the paintings and statues out there. The guys on these works of arts have a symmetric shape: strong legs, broad shoulders, six-pack abs. They looked like heroes. Of course, they were far from current bodybuilders. But, they were fit and strong to be capable of fighting in battles.

Did they lift weights? Did they use dumbbells, barbells, or “special” machines?

Not really because most of that exercise equipment was invented in the 19-20th century.

Then, what did they do to have such a perfect figure?

Bodyweight exercises! They used their own body as resistance. That’s it!

Why in the marines most of the exercises they do are bodyweight moves even in the 21st century?

That is what you can do with the help of the power tower to target the upper body.

So, yes, with a power tower, you can build muscles if you follow the progressive bodyweight training technique. Which, in a nutshell, means that from time to time, modify your home workouts to add additional impact for the muscle fibers to grow. Anyway, weight lifters do the same.

Now let’s get into the details.

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Why is the power tower useful for building muscles?

The power tower typically has four workout stations.

  • The pull-up bar is suitable for doing a wide range of pulling exercises. Not just for pull-ups, but chin-ups with different grips that target the back muscle groups from various angles. But, these moves also have an impact on your core and arms.
  • The dip bars work the triceps and shoulders. If you lean forward more, it works your chest muscles even better.
  • The push-ups bars let us get deeper, which leads to a more extended range of motion as if we pressing up on the floor.
  • The vertical knee raise station lets us doing knee and leg raises that work the entire core.

To sum up, we have a total upper body workout.

Since we have to handle our entire body weight, these moves are hard for beginners or heavier people. And, if it’s hard, it will force your fibers to grow.

Plus, these moves are more natural to muscles and joints than the typical machines at the gym lowering the risk of injuries. Finally, the practices you can do with a power tower are compound exercises that work more than muscle groups at once. And, that is how the human body physiologically functions.

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Factors of muscle gaining

Gaining muscle mass depends on several factors, but I think the most important ones are your genes, nutrition, the workout system your follow, and rest.

Your genes can be your friends or enemy. Ectomorphs tend to be slim. Endomorphs tend to be fat. Mesomorphs are the people for whom getting fit and muscular is easier. Of course, some people are between two body types. With proper nutrition and workout routine, you can overcome your handicaps, though. Read more about body types here.

Nutrition is a crucial point, no matter what type of workout you. If you want to build muscle, you should eat healthily. Since protein is the building block of the fibers, consuming protein-rich foods is vital for growth. More info about nutrition here.

Rest is as essential as the previous points. When you work out, the muscle fibers get damaged. And, when you rest, they recover. It’s said the muscles grow when we sleep.

And finally, the way we work out, it also has a significant impact on muscle strength. I’m going to talk about it in detail below.

We can talk for hours about these factors. Just I wanted you to understand that building a muscular physique is more than just about working out.

How to keep building muscles with a power tower?

Progressive calisthenics is a technique which in a nutshell, means that we frequently modify the workout program to keep growing.

The muscle fibers grow because they have to adapt to the new shock they get from the workout. That is why beginners usually grow pretty fast, but then the gaining stops.

Once, the muscles get used to the same resistance or exercise, the gaining slows down. What’s the solution to keep growing? Regularly, add new stress for the fibers to force them to adapt. How to modify a power tower workout for your fitness level?

  • Increase the number of sets and reps.
  • Increase the intensity, aka. have less rest between the sets. That is great for endurance.
  • Switch to more advanced calisthenics exercises. For example, from regular push-ups to archer push-ups, or from pulls ups to archer pull-ups (or with caching the pull-up bar with different grips).
  • Use additional weight to increase the resistance. For example, you attach a weight plate on a dip belt.
  • Switch to single limp exercises such as one-arm push-ups or pull-ups.
  • Be creative. The bodyweight exercise variations are endless.

Here is an intermediate upper body routine:

  • Pull-ups: 3-4 × 8-10
  • Push-ups: 4×15
  • Triceps dips: 4×8-10
  • Chin-ups: 3×10
  • Knee raises: 4×15-20

Tip: You can get a power tower with a bench that lets you do dumbbell exercises as well. This way, you can make your strength training routine more versatile.

To conclude

The power tower workout results depend on various factors, but the fitness equipment itself is perfect for building muscles without a doubt. The pull up dip station gives you all the possibilities to build a muscular upper body. So, it’s worth buying for a home gym.