Do You Need Cardio for Abs?

do you need cardio for abs

I try to put myself in your shoes to know why you want to find the answer to “Do you need cardio for abs?

Well, maybe I’m not right, but I feel you do not really like cardio workouts. With that you want to hear: NO!

I do not blame you, because a lot of people, I’m among them, do not like sweating and boring cardio exercises such as running.

To know if you need cardio or not, we have to talk a little bit about you!

What type are you?

Do you have belly fat? Can you see the lines of our abdominal muscles if you stand in front of the mirror?

Yes, I can see those lines

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Insanity is to do the same thing over and over again expecting to get different results. This saying is so true …. You will not see the progress if you are doing the same thing all the time. Make a change and see the difference. Also in your training. If you hit the platou then change a workout routine, load up some weights or do higher reps or change your timer and exercises. Try new exercises … Do something different and always challenge yourself to the point where you will feel uncomfortable. Yes you have to feel uncomfortable 😂 Set your mindset that you will feel muscle pain but yet you will push through. I hope you will have a wonderful active weekend. #fitnesslife #fitnessjourney #fitmama #7monthspostpartum #fittips #fitvegan #cardioworkout #cardioabs #jumpropechallenge #jumprope #abs #train4you #toneitup #fitnessmotivation #changeisgood #fitmami #osebnitrener #fitveganka #mojetelopoporodu #visokointervalnitrening #fitslovenija

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Then you are a lucky person. Thanks to your genes, body type, daily routine, nutrition or workout program, it is not necessary to have cardio. Focus on your abs training to develop the size and strength of the abdominal muscles. This way they pop out more leading to a real six pack look.

On the other hand, do not neglect cardio workout entirely since it has many health benefits. It also helps to maintain your low body fat.

I have belly fat 🙂 My abs somewhere under, but I cannot see them.

Do not be sad, most of the people say the same. More or less belly fat a typical sight in our modern society. I believe, it is mainly because of our unhealthy nutrition and lifestyle. We overeat (junk) and do not move enough. On the other hand, some of us have unfortunate genes and body type.

What can you do? Read on!

If you want to get abs, you have to get rid of that belly fat.

What a highly informational statement, isn’t it? 🙂

1. Step: Proper Nutrition

Your body burns fat if it is in a calorie deficit. If your body does not get enough calories, it starts to use up the stored calories to get energy. So, it burns fat. This is the basis of weight loss.

So, logically it seems to be the solution to cut calories as much as possible, but the body does not work like that. If you starve, your body switches into a surviving mode and slows the metabolism drastically. So, when you consume something, it stores the calories for worse times. That is why those very low-calorie fad diets work only for a short time. On top of that, your body misses a lot of essential nutrients.

That is why a balanced diet is so important. You can consume various types of food and do not have to starve. Foods that are rich in nutrients, but low in calories. Hence, you give your body everything to function correctly. On top of that, with proper nutrition, your metabolism increases as well. So, your body burns fat naturally.

What are these diets? To tell the truth, I do not follow any regime at all to lose weight. I just have:

  • a lot of veggies and fruits for minerals, dietary fiber, and vitamins;
  • lean meat and fish for protein;
  • whole grain for good carbs;
  • nuts and various oils for healthy fats.

And, I eat 5 times a day.

Anyway, you can find the healthiest diets here.

2. Step: Build muscle mass

Strength training not just makes you strong and formed, but also helps with burning fat. The muscle cells continuously require energy to function, even when you do not use them. Therefore, the more muscles mass you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

Hence, do weight training for muscle development. You can lift weights or do bodyweight workouts.

3. Step: Cardio for Abs

You landed on this page because you wanted to know if you need cardio for abs, and this is the last step?

Yes, if the previous two steps are fulfilled, then you may not need cardio at all. But, it is very beneficial for many reasons and speeds up getting six pack.

Cardio exercises like running, rowing, swimming or even such moderate activities like walking, burns a lot of calories. Besides, they help to develop a healthy and strong cardiovascular system and boost your endurance. That is why I say cardio must always be in a healthy workout routine.

If you are a gym goer, you can choose from various machines. Learn about the best cardio machines for abs here. But, any outdoor or indoor activity will do that increase your heart rate.

By the way, if you want to have quick yet efficient cardio training for fat loss, do high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This type of exercise program is far more effective than steady-state workouts.

Step 4: Ab Exercises

You need to do abs workouts only for one purpose. To make your abdominal muscles stronger and more prominent in size. Most of these exercises engage just a few muscles, so they do not help much with burning calories.

Do you need cardio for abs? I hope you now know the answer. Personally, I do. I do heavy bag training and cycling. As you see, diet and exercise should go hand in hand to get six pack.

Do you want to know if you need cardio for abs? Find the answer here and other useful workout and nutritional tips on getting six pack.

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