Powerful Dumbbell Ab Workouts to Boost the Power of Your Core

dumbbell ab workoutI like trying out new ways to train my core and that is how I stumbled upon dumbbell ab workouts. I did dumbbell side bend before (and kettlebell ones), but I had not thought there are so many activities I can do with this fitness equipment.

I have included some more abdominal exercises using weights into my routine and I have to say it was a good decision as these sorts of movements work the abdominal muscles efficiently. Besides, the resistance can be tweaked quickly by using less or more weights.

Did you know that using weights for abs building helps to define the muscles and pop out more?

If you have not done any dumbbell exercises for abs before, please, let me give you some advice first.

  • If you are a beginner, I do not recommend doing these ones yet because they require a strong core and you may end up with injuries. Spend time with doing various body weight core training first until you gain the strength.
  • It is crucial to perform the movements properly. Concentrate on the moves and do them slowly first to get used to them. A bad move may end with injuries.
  • Do not use big weights first and always warm up. If you pick too big weights, you will not be able to perform the movements correctly and keep the position. In addition, they will put big stress on your lower back, spine, shoulders and other muscles. Hence, use ones which let you workout comfortably. As you get familiar with these kinds of abs workouts, you can increase the amount of weight gradually.

Now check out the best 3 dumbbell workouts for abs videos I found below.

Brutal Dumbbell Core Workout

This was the first video I found on this topic making me curious. This routine is presented by Funk Roberts. You need do each of the exercise for 60 seconds with 15 seconds rest. You should do as many repetitions as possible in the given time.

The whole routine lasts about 8-10 minutes, but a real killer one. I have already tried it several times, I recommend if you need something hard and fast, but effective.

List of the Moves

  • DB V-ups
  • DB Alternate Bicycle Punches
  • DB V-Up Press
  • One Arm DB Reach Under L
  • DB Alternating V-Up Punch Ups
  • One Arm DB Reach Under R


20 Min Combo Abs Workout

If you think, the routine above was hard, then here is a 20 minute abdominal routine. It is a hybrid one with the best body weight and dumbbell core exercises. This routine includes 21 moves which should be done for 45 seconds doing as many reps as you can with no rest.

It will work not only your entire core, but burns a lot of calories. It is even suitable for a cardio session. If you want to build six pack abs do this routine 3-4 times a week with other compound movements, follow a healthy diet and you will get them.

This routine contains various v-ups, Russian twists, hip dips, crunches, exercises with dumbbells, various punches and several others.



Light Dumbbells Routine for Six Pack

This guy shows us some more advanced moves such as weighted knee lift (a great alternative for hanging leg raise), crunch with dumbbells, side plank with weights. I have to say these are my favorite dumbbell exercises for flat stomach.


More Dumbbell Ab Exercisesabdominal exercises using weights

If you are interested in more types of movements for your dumbbell ab workout routine then check this infographic below in which some other efficient moves are presented. It was made for women but useful for men as well, just use heavier weights. These moves are also great for strengthening your shoulders.


These are the best videos I found if I bump into more I will include them here. As you can see using dumbbells for ab training is a really good idea. But keep in mind that weight loss is as important if you want a lean midsection.

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