3 Easy Stomach Exercises For Strengthening Your Abs

Easy-Stomach-ExercisesDo you think about doing workouts at home to shape your stomach? Have not you done any abdominal workouts before, so you do not know where to start?

This short guide will teach you 3 abs exercises that are perfect for beginners, yet efficient to strengthen each of the muscles of your abs.

But this does not mean you can get flat belly just by doing these exercises. They should be part of your entire body workout routine and only work if you follow a balanced diet.

So, here are the best 3 abdominal exercises that are suggested for beginners.

I have to remind you that you should not jerk your body up. Do not use your momentum, but force your abdominal muscles to work. If you start jerking, it is better to stop and rest since the move will not strengthen your stomach anymore (because of the momentum).

Mountain Climbers

This is an excellent compound exercise that even works your arms and chest. To get the most from it, maintain strong posture and focus on your abs.

Watch the video how to do it. You can also find several mountain climber variations here.


The Bicycle

I always do this exercise when I train my core because it works both the six pack area and oblique really well. Also, I read a study on ACE fitness in which the 10 most common abdominal exercises were compared, and the winner was the bicycle.

It seems to be easy since you just need to touch the opposite knees and elbows, while your legs move as if you were riding a bike, but pay attention to the correct form.

Within the following video, you can learn how to do it well.


Reverse Crunch

While the traditional crunch is among the least efficient abs exercises, reverse crunch actually works the upper and lower abs really well. Plus, it is perfect for beginners.

For getting the maximum benefit, it is better to do it slowly as this way you will not use the momentum of your legs.

Anyway, here is the video tutorial on how to make the reverse crunch.


So, these are the 3 beginner abdominal exercises that I suggest you to do at home.

As I said before, if you want to flatten your stomach these exercises alone will be not enough. You should increase your metabolism and follow a balanced diet to burn fat. You should train your entire body as well.

You can read more about how to do this from the following articles.

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