Eat Apples to Lose Belly Fat and Be Healthy

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I think, you heard many times when you were a child that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” from your mum. Behind this phrase there is a lot of truth. Consuming at least one apple a day can help you to be healthy and to lose fat, mainly around your stomach.

How can Eating Apples Help Weight Loss?

One of the best ways to lose weight is to feel yourself full. Simply, if you are not hungry, you do not want to eat more. Apples contain a lot of fibre, the bigger ones nearly 5 grams. This way, after having apples, because of the high level of fiber, you feel yourself satisfied, so you will not eat more. You can reduce your calorie intake on a healthy way.

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Another benefit of apples is that it contains a lot of pectin, at least 1%. Apple is the best source of pectin after citrus peels (containing 30%!, but do not eat orange peel :)). This nutrient restricts the cells to absorbs fat, and it helps your body to remove fat from the cells. It also encourages your body to get the water out from foods. Finally, it contains polyphenols which boosts metabolism.

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Most of the health benefits of apples are in the skin. Therefore, you should eat it. The problem is that most of the apples are sprayed with pesticides. The best would be to buy apples from bio farms. If it is possible, buy them from local farmers who you trust. If you purchase from other places, always wash the apples before eating.

Besides losing belly fat, apples have other advantages for you health. Check the picture below to discover how eating apples can help.



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