+50 Exercises That Requires Only a Weight Bench

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exercises with just weight bench

If you think about a weight bench, I’m sure the first thing that comes to your mind is the bench press exercise. However, this fitness equipment provides far more possibilities than you think to work out, even if you have no dumbbells or other equipment.

How is it possible that a simple workout bench so versatile?

The answer is bodyweight exercises! Yes, there are numerous effective exercises that require only your body, and with them, you can strengthen almost all parts of your body. Furthermore, some moves boost your endurance, cardio and help lose weight.

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I’ve just found an excellent video in which over 50 exercises shown that require only a workout bench, nothing more. But, I’m sure after watching this video, more moves will come into your mind.


List of Exercises

One of the main benefits of bodyweight training is that they are compound exercises. That means during the move several muscles have to work together to perform the motion. However, there is almost always one particular muscle group that works the most.

A flat bench could be enough for most of these moves, but an adjustable one provides even more possibilities since you can change the position of the board.

For Chest

  • Hand elevated pushups
  • Feet-elevated pushups
  • Bench tap plyometric pushups
  • Up-down pushups
  • Chest-squeeze pushups
  • One-arm pushup (+ alternating plyo version)

For Abs

  • Hands-elevated mountain climber
  • Feet-elevated mountain climber
  • Back bridge
  • Plyo pushup to plank transfer
  • Feet-elevated donkey kicks
  • Inchworm
  • Hand-elevated side plank
  • Feet-elevated side plank
  • Elevated bicycle crunch
  • Reverse crunch (+ on incline)
  • Knee-in

For Legs & Glutes

  • Shoulders-elevated butterfly hip thrust
  • Feet-elevated hip thrust
  • Straight leg-feet elevated hip thrust
  • Shoulders-elevated hamstring walk
  • Bench squat
  • Hack squat
  • Step up
  • Lateral step up
  • Crossover step up
  • Bulgarian split squat
  • Single-leg squat
  • Step up to reverse lunge
  • Natural leg extension

For Triceps & Shoulders

  • Feet-elevated pike pushup (to push-ups)
  • Triceps extension
  • Bench dip

For Back

  • Reverse hyperextension

For Endurance & Cardio (Full body)

  • Hand elevated burpees
  • Bench jump
  • Alternating single-leg jump
  • Single leg bench jump
  • Squat jump
  • Drop squat
  • Step up jump
  • Lateral step up jump
  • Bulgarian split squat jump
  • Hands-elevated blast-off pushup
  • Feet-elevated blast-off pushup
  • Runner
  • Parkour leap
  • Face melter


  • Quad and hip flexor stretch
  • Pigeon stretch
  • Hamstring stretch
  • Prayer stretch


As you saw a simple weight bench can provide a lot of ways to train and you can quickly create a full body workout routine from these exercises.

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