3 Common Fitness and Weight Loss Misconceptions


Working out regularly is one of the most essential factors to lose weight and burn fat. However, many people usually misunderstand how fitness works and how it can help.

In this short post, I would like to share the 3 most common fitness misconceptions.

You Can Eat Whatever You Want

This is maybe the biggest mistake. Many people think that if they workout regularly, at least 3 times a week and their trainings are hard, they can eat whatever and as much as they want. Far from it!

The most vital factor of weight loss and fat burning is your diet. If you want to get rid of some pounds, you need to take in fewer calories which will force your body to burn the stored calories.

Besides the quantity, consuming the right foods is as necessary. Do you think you will lose weight if you stuff yourself with sweet and fatty things? No matter how hard you train your will hardly see any results.

Your diet should contain the right quantity and quality of nutrients such the protein, beneficial carbs and fatty acids, vitamins as well as minerals. These are important not only for dropping pounds but for a healthy nutrition as well.

In my opinion, successful weight loss 60% depends on what and how much you eat, so your regime, and 40% what kind of workout you do.

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Stopping Workout

This is another huge mistake. Once you start losing weight you need to continue working out to lose even more pounds or at least keep your weight. Regular exercises are also necessary for a healthy lifestyle and to form your body.

With regular exercising you can strengthen your muscles, bones, cardiovascular system and prevent several diseases. In addition, it has several benefits for mental health.


All the Workouts are Suitable for You

It is also important to pick the right kind of fitness workout which you like, but at the same time it is healthy for you. Therefore, before starting anything, consult with your doctor. If you can afford, talk with a trainer who can put together an optimal routine for you.

Picking the right type of exercising largely depends on your aims.

Would you like to build muscles? Then, you may have to go to the gym to pump iron.

Would you like to lose fat and weight? Then, you will need to do more cardio.

It is crucial to decide what you really want. For example, I want to improve my endurance, cardio and strength. Therefore, I do calisthenics and sometimes pump iron for improving my strength and muscle mass. For cardio and endurance I do boxing and related trainings. To tell the truth, it is not easy to combine them, but I made serious research before.

Anyway, it is also necessary to pick a training which you like doing. If you do something you hate, you will sooner or later stop it. Therefore, I recommend trying out several workout types before sticking into one.

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In my opinion, these are the most common misconceptions you need to avoid. Fitness and weight loss needs serious efforts and you have to change your lifestyle as well. Pick a good program and diet and stick to it to reach what you want.

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