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Fitness Reality Ab Hyper Bench Review

    Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal Hyper Back Extension Bench

    If you need a multifunction workout bench for your home gym, the Fitness Reality Bench you may want to consider.

    It can be used as a weight bench since it supports up to 650 lbs, is adjusted in 3 declines, and has a flat position so that you can do a wide range of strength training exercises. Also, it is an adjustable sit up and hyperextension bench combo, so you can have complete core training.

    It is stable, thanks to the extended stabilizers. And, the moisture-resistant cover with 2.5 inches thick medium density foam provides a comfortable training experience.

    This gear is a good buy for everyone who needs robust and versatile equipment for home. Although it is not folding and pretty big, so you need space to use and store it.


    • Versatile supports a lot of exercises (back extensions, sit-ups, barbell, and dumbbell exercises).
    • High maximum capacity so hard trainers can use it.
    • Lengthy board (suitable for people 5-6.4 feet).
    • Good training experience.
    • Durable and very stable design.
    • Long warranty
    • Multiple bench adjustments
    • Great price/value.


    • Not folding, but it takes up quite a lot of space. However, transportation wheels make it easy to relocate.
    • Very tall guys should remove hyperextension pads at the top to have enough room while lying on the board.

    Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench

    8.8 out of 10

    If you are searching for a multifunctional workout bench for home strength training, the Fitness Reality multi-functional hyper extension bench is an excellent value item to buy for everyone. You can do back extensions, decline sit ups, and barbell/dumbbell exercises.

    Ease of Use
    Look & Feel


    Maximum Weight Capacity

    What makes this home workout equipment outstanding is the 650 lbs maximum weight capacity it supports. Typically, a Roman chair or a sit-up bench supports up to 300 lbs.

    But this product is a multifunction bench that you can use for weight training as well. And, I think for most people, 650 lbs should be enough for dumbbell or even barbell workouts. The frame is robust and durable.

    supports 650 lbs
    Powerful frame.

    Rather long board

    A problem that taller guys like me usually face is that the length of the board is short for them. So, when we do sit-ups or any other exercises in laying position, our head sags and is not supported. That is slightly uncomfortable.

    This Fitness Reality bench comes with 36 inches (92 cm) long board, which is longer than usual. So, people from 5 to 6.5 feet can utilize it comfortably. However, for very tall guys, it is recommended to remove the top hyperextension padding to have even more room.

    The board has an 8-12 inches wide tapered shape, which is a standard, though the 8 inches part may be a bit narrow for big guys.


    An important function to check is how many angles we can set the board. In this case, we can choose from 3 declines and a flat position. Compared to professional sit-up benches, the decline levels are not that many, since other equipment usually supports more than 6 angle adjustments.

    However, this multi-workout machine is an adjustable weight bench with a high weight capacity, so you can perform a wide range of strength exercises that you should not do with an ab bench. To sum up, its versatility is much better.

    On the other hand, thigh support of the hyperextension function can be adjusted in 14 positions. So, you can find the most comfortable place for your height without a doubt.

    Bench covering

    The Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench comes with sweat and moisture-resistant double-stitched vinyl cover. For the comfort 2.5 inches thick, medium density foam is used, which is not too soft nor firm. It gives a good workout experience while you work out on it.


    Finally, we have to mention that it comes with more extended stabilizers than usual. Both the front and the rare stabilizers are 24 inches long, so the equipment is very stable. Users do not experience any wobbling, especially if a rubber mat is put under it.

    About the support

    A good sign that this commercial back extension bench comes with a long warranty. For the steel frame 10 years and the other parts 2-3 years. That is nice since, in most cases, we only get about a year.

    hyperextension function
    Do lower back extensions.

    Why is Fitness Reality bench a good buy?

    Without a doubt, the X-Class Multi-Workout Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench is a very versatile piece of home exercise equipment.

    Thanks to the high capacity, the flat and decline positions you can utilize it for a wide range of strength training exercises, even if you have just a pair of adjustable dumbbells. For example, you can do chest flies, dumbbell chest presses, shoulder presses, etc. And, if you have a power rack, you can do barbell presses.

    Moreover, the product can be used as a sit-up bench, so you can grow your abs and oblique with various ab workouts like Russian twists, incline leg lifts, or even weighted sit-ups. You can also strengthen your lower back muscles and hamstrings thanks to the back extension function. This way, you can have a total core workout targeting every muscle.

    On top of that, it comes with push up and dip bars, which is an excellent function for beginners and ladies to get started with bodyweight training.

    To sum up, the Fitness Reality multi workout bench is an excellent choice for everyone from beginners to advanced level athletes. Although, people lifting heavy weight should buy a more heavy-duty weight bench with higher capacity.​​​


    Walter M. Forbes

    Hi! I'm Walter, a 36-years old gym owner. I've been working out since I was 15. Now I do calisthenics and boxing. On this website, I'd like to share my workout and home workout equipment tips.