Worst Foods with No Nutritional Value That You Shouldn’t Eat

It is a fact that obesity is one of the most significant health problems of the USA, and foods with no nutritional value mainly cause it. People consume less and less nutritious foods containing the nutrients their body needs. And this adverse habit brings many other diseases besides obesity. You will learn what has little or no nutritional value from this post.

foods with no nutritional value

What are foods with zero nutritional value?

Food without nutrition contains nothing more than calories in the form of sugar and fat and other artificial components. Zero-value foods contain almost no protein, beneficial carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Almost nothing that your body needs. These are just empty calories.

The sad truth is that manufacturers are allowed to produce these types of products. On top of that, they are good at promoting their rubbish as if they were healthy ones.

Hence, it is your responsibility to get rid of these products if you want to live healthily, lose weight and avoid several diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, etc.

Always read the nutritional label of the products you want to buy and get rid of the processed foods as much as you can. Buy organic foods. Eat and use more fruits and vegetables and cook your meals from wholesome ingredients.

Below I have collected some of the most common foods we consume, but they have almost no nutritional value.

Desserts & Sweets

Most of the sweets and cookies we buy are nothing more than pure calories from bad carbohydrates and fat. They also hold a lot of artificial ingredients.

Some examples are:

Candies: They are made from sugar and other unhealthy ingredients. Confectionery and fast foods are the main reasons why there are so many overweight children these days.

Ice creams and sweet ices: They are produced from sugar and water boosted up with some artificial flavors and colorings. Make your ice cream by freezing fresh fruit juice.

Watch how sugar kills you!

Cookies, Cakes, Donuts, Muffins: If you have ever made cookies, you know, they are made from flour, sugar, and margarine. That means they are full of bad carbs and trans fats. The ones you can purchase at stores are even worse since they contain other chemicals.

Although, you can make better cookies and cakes by changing the ingredients to healthy ones. For example, use whole grain flour.

These are just some examples. If a product or food contains a lot of sugar, get rid of it. Don’t forget! Junk food has no nutritional value at all.


Another group with almost zero nutritional value. 95% of the drinks you buy are nothing more than sugar, water, and other chemicals that give the taste and the color.

Some examples.

Soda: I always say that soda is a real killer. It is a factory-made thing containing tons of sugar and chemicals. Check the infographic below to learn what kind of diseases soda is responsible for.


Sweet and Ice Teas: Most of the teas are healthy, but they become unhealthy at once if they are stuffed with sugar. Drink your teas as they are without adding anything, and never buy tea from stores.

Premade Juices and Smoothies: Most of the juices and smoothies you can buy are unhealthy even if they are promoted like that. They carry a lot of sugar and chemicals and far fewer vitamins, minerals, and fiber than you think. Make your smoothies and juices from organic fresh fruits and veggies.

Hot Chocolate, Cappuccinos, Lattes: These drinks are rich in bad carbs, fat-rich creams, and other artificial ingredients. Coffee has some health benefits, and you do not have to neglect it. Just drink it without sugar and creams. I have white coffee twice a day.

Unfortunately, most of the drinks you can buy have zero nutritional value and are harmful to you. Please get rid of them and drink pure water and make your drinks.


In my opinion, all the snacks are junk. They are full of bad carbs, fatty acids, salt, and other chemicals.

Chips: No matter if it is potato, corn, or made from others, chips are bad for you. Bad carbs, saturated fats, preservatives, and a lot of sodium are what you get.

Crackers: They come with the same components as chips.

Popcorn: Popcorn itself is not so bad, but we eat it with butter, a lot of salt, and sweet versions. This way, it loses its benefits.

I have to say there are almost no valuable snacks on the market. Please get rid of them and whenever you need something to chew on, have fruit or veggies.

Unhealthy vs. Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss


Breakfast cereals: While oat and others are healthy, the cereals you have for breakfast are not. The manufacturers add a lot of sugar and other unwanted ingredients to their products.

Salad Toppings: Fresh salad is a nutritious food, but the toppings you buy, or you maybe make are not. These products are rich in trans fats, sugar, and chemicals. For toppings, I use olive oil and various vinegar.


Of course, there are many other foods with no nutritional value. Unfortunately, we could make this list long.

I used to have these things, and it was not easy to get rid of them. However, if you want to be healthy, you must get rid of them and turn to organic food. There is no place for things in a healthy diet that have no nutritional value.

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