Best Gym Abs Workouts for Women to Get Flat Stomach

If you are new in the gym, you may feel missed because of the different ab machines. The worst you can do is to jump from one piece of equipment to another. If you have a trainer, you are in a better situation since he or she will help you. Unfortunately, in most cases that cost extra money.

This guide contains examples of core workouts for women at the gym, information on the various gym machines, and tips for getting the most out of them.

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Simple Yet Effective Female Gym Exercises for Abs

I have just found an excellent video made by Chelsea Novak in which she shows us some powerful gym ab workouts. The abdominal exercises found in this video will help you to train your whole core muscles, lower back, and they also help with weight loss.

Besides, you will not need to use so many abdominal exercise machines, mainly an ab bench and your bodyweight. Therefore, if you only want to go to the gym to train your abdominals, it is maybe a better solution for you to invest into sit up a bench.

This gym ab workout is suggested for women. However, it is suitable for men as well if they have just started to train their abs.

  • Leg Rises on Sit Up Bench: This is the typical leg raising exercise that is great to train their entire core, mainly the lower abdominals. As you can see, Chelsea pushes herself up at the end of the movement, this way she strengthens her upper abs, as well.
  • Decline Hip Raises with Twist: This sort of gym exercise helps to target your obliques very effectively. It is important to control the movement to concentrate the muscles around your hips. If you want slimmer waist, do this exercise.
  • Decline Sit Ups: Many people do not like doing sit ups, but it is an excellent exercise if you do it correctly. It is important to keep your back straight and form the motion on the right way. If you have lower back pain, do this exercise carefully. You can read about sit ups here.
  • Rotating Plank Push Ups: Static plank exercises are very powerful ab exercises to train the midsection. By combining planks with different movements, you can train your muscles even better. Rotating plank push-ups train not only your abdominal muscles, but also your shoulders as well as the chest.

How often should you do this gym abdominal workout?

This depends on your fitness level. If you have just started training your abs, you can do this routine twice or three times a week and do two or three sets. Then, you can increase the number of sets, and you can do it three or four times per week.

More ab workouts to do at the gym for ladies

Below you can find more stomach workouts at the gym in which you can learn more types of exercises and how to use the different exercise equipment efficiently.

Six pack abs workout routine at gym

In case you need something harder, then this is routine for you. It includes exercises that are hard for even men such as hanging leg raises and moves you can do with TRX. Pretty tough routine but that is what you need for a six-pack. You need to do advanced exercises that are thought for even guys.

Top 5 best ab exercises for women at the gym

While the bench is great equipment to train your core, not everybody likes it. With the help of a medicine or fitness ball, you can get great results as well. They are especially helpful to beginners. Plus, the fitness ball is among the best tools to strengthen your core since it provides an unstable surface so all the stabilizer muscles are activated.

Abs and arms

This is a combo routine in which you train your core as well as your arms, mainly using the equipment you can find at the gym. This video shows you some of Vicky Justiz’s favorite abdominal, arm, and back exercises. Her workout includes hip raises on the decline bench, Roman chair side bends for her obliques, ball crunches, DB rows, and rowing machines for her back and arms.

Finally here is a nice presentation and powerful routine to train your entire core.

flat stomach gym
Gym core workout for women

Best gym equipment for abs and love handles

Sit Up Bench

With sit-up benches, you feel comfortable and stable thanks to the padded back and support pads. This is considered effective ab exercise since it’s done on a decline, which makes it more challenging to do than on a flat surface. You can also use it for a wide range of exercises such as leg lifts, crunches, etc.

woman traning on ab bench
woman working out with GHD machine

GHD Machine

GHDs are professional ab workout machines. Due to the rounded padding, the GHD offers comfort and a longer range of motion during workouts. Glutes-ham developers work the whole back, glutes, hamstrings, etc. Additionally, you can do sit-ups and crunches with this equipment to improve your abs.

Captain’s Chair

There are a number of variations of the captain’s chair exercise that can be performed to target the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis), hip flexors, and external obliques. It is vital that you take a look at your form if you are not feeling these muscles engaging.

woman abs training captains chair
woman ab wheel roller

Ab Wheel

A great way to strengthen your core and improve balance and stability is to do ab wheel rollouts. Ab roller workouts improve core strength since stabilizing the spine is necessary in order to complete the exercise correctly. It should be in women’s gym workout.

To sum up

In conclusion, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that ab workouts for women differ from ab routines for men. Women’s abs workouts differ primarily because they don’t have to worry about bulky muscles, but they still need to focus on getting stronger through both volume and intensity.

I hope, you will enjoy these core exercises, and you will build strong and beautiful abs. If you need more workout routines like this and other tips, look aound on this website.