HIIT Abs Workouts To Shape Your Stomach Quickly

hiit abs workout

Have you done your best to get rid of that fat on your stomach? But nothing seems to work? It is time to try something new.

There is nothing more disturbing when you have trained your abs like a mad. You feel they are strong, but that layer of fat hides your six-packs. What is the solution to get rid of it?

The answer is the high intensity interval training, the HIIT. This type of workout will help fat loss for sure. HIIT is not going to be as easy as doing three sets of crunches and leg lifts, but it is a killer fat burner.

A HIIT abs workout builds up from 3 or more types of exercises that should be done for a given time one after another. After a circle of tasks, you have a short rest and then repeat the entire circuit. So, it is intensive, but that is how it burns the fat.

Below I have collected the best high-intensity ab workout plans. You can find easier and harder ones to get the program that is optimal for your fitness level.

1. Jump Rope HIIT Training for Abs

My favorite equipment for cardio is the jump rope, and I usually combine with my abs workout. This video is an excellent example of how to do it. Jump rope for 30 sec and then do one exercise for abs with 10 seconds rest. In this plan, there are 4 combinations. Repeat the entire routine for 3-5 times.

2. 20 Min High-Intensity Interval Training Cardio & Abs

With the help of this routine, you can not only train your entire core but also develop your cardio thanks to the high knees exercise. You can burn 150 – 250 calories with the help of this 20-minute ab HIIT routine.

3. Full Body High-Intensity Workout At Home

This routine is not for beginners. Even if this is a full-body training, several exercises are added to focus on the abs. It comes with bodyweight and dumbbells exercises and lasts for 1 hour. Not easy, but it will surely support your weight loss and develop your endurance.

4. Women’s 22-Minute HIIT for Abs & Obliques

hiit ab and oblique workout

This is a beginner and medium level routine that trains all parts of your core muscles. You should do each exercise for 30 seconds, followed by 15 seconds rest. Try to repeat the entire circuit twice or free times, depending on your fitness level. It is particularly useful to shape your lower ab.

Credit: http://jillconyers.com

5. Killer Quick High-Intensity Ab Workout

If you have no time for a workout, you can quickly train your midsection with this program. You do not need any equipment, make each of the moves for 30 seconds with 15-sec rest. Make at least three rounds.

Via: http://hiitacademy.com/

6. Fat Burning HIIT Cardio and Abs Workout with No Equipment

This is the HIIT for stomach fat that I do on those days when I have no time to work out. This plan is quick and efficient, working my total body thanks to the burpees, push-ups, etc. Also, there are many great exercises for abs such the bicycle crunches, leg lifts, plank, etc. 10 activities in total should be done for 40 seconds with a 20-sec rest.

7. Core HIIT Workout

hiit cardio abs

This 10-minute routine consists of 4 supersets. Each superset should be done for 4 times before moving to the next one. I love it because abdominal muscles focused exercises are combined with powerful cardio ones such as jump rope, running, etc.

Credit: http://glistenfit.com/

8. Ab Workout with Weights

This is a tough one, not just because you should use dumbbells, but you should make the moves for 1 minute with only a 10 seconds rest. This workout is 30 minutes long, so get ready for something really challenging. You don’t have to use heavy hand weights, though.

9. Quick and Hard Barbell Core Workout

Are you bored with doing the same abdominal conditioning at the gym all the time? You will love this routine! You will learn barbell exercises from this video you may have never done before. I have tried them, and I felt how efficiently they engage all parts of the core. I make a HIIT for belly fat from it doing each of the exercises for 60 seconds without rest. Then, I have a 1-minute rest and the circle again for 2-3 times. It also excellent to develop your strength.

10. 12 Minute Upper Body & Abs

This program will shape not only your midsection but also your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. You do not need any equipment since only bodyweight moves are made. Also, it includes punches that help you to release stress. Since it is short, you can do it is a daily HIIT ab workout routine.

11. 30 minutes HIIT Core Workout

An advanced cardio and core HIIT routine to strengthen all your muscle groups and burn fat.

12. 15 Minute High-intensity Ab Workout At Home with No Equipment

10 minute hiit workout for abs

15-minute core workout with the most beneficial best HIIT exercises for abs such as mountain climbers for the firm and lean midsection.

How long should a HIIT workout for abs be?

That depends on your fitness level. The primary purpose of this type of ab circuit training is intensity. You have to do the given exercises correctly one after another with just a little rest.

Hence, if you are a beginner, you should choose shorter sessions. If a workout is too intense, you will not be able to perform the core exercises correctly and keep the intensity. So, you lose the effectiveness of HIIT.

However, with practice, your body gets used to this type of training, so you can increase the length gradually and add more advanced ab exercises to your routine. If you feel a plan is getting comfortable, modify it.

Anyway, a HIIT workout can be from 3 to 40 minutes.

Why is HIIT good for abs?

Firstly, high-intensity interval training burns plenty of calories in a short time. It also boosts the metabolism of the body, which leads to fat burning even when you do not exercise.

If you have belly fat, the most critical step is to lose weight, which is possible with burning more calories daily than your body requires. So, it starts burning the fat. That is possible with a healthy balanced diet and an effective workout routine like HIIT, which is an effective technique to burn belly fat.

We do ab exercises to strengthen, shape, and gain the abdominal muscles. Those moves hardly burn fat since they active small muscles and too isolated.

To sum up

I think, from the list above, you found a plan that is suitable for you. Also, you learned how to create your own HIIT abs workout routine. Just make your workouts intensive to keep your heart rate up, but pay attention to perform the exercises correctly. And do not forget to warm up and cool down after.

To get the best results, have a healthy lifestyle and do one of these workouts at least 3 times a week. Also, I recommended having other strength training exercises as well to build muscles, which will help to increase your metabolism.