How to Cook Fat Burning Foods

how-to-cook-fat-burning-foodsIt is a fact that if we want to lose weight the most important factor is what we eat and when. You can spend hours daily with tough workouts to lose body fat if you do not eat properly, you will see just small results. Losing body fat and weight are 70% about the diet you are on!

This may sound a bit too much, but researches have proved that this fact is true. I do not say that workouts are not necessary, but they are not as crucial as most of us think.

But what sorts of foods you need to consume?

Ones which are tasty, increase metabolism and healthy.

Why are delicious foods important? Well, one of the biggest problems with diets is that they suggest you to eat the same sorts of meals day by day which are not tasty at all.

That is the reason most of the people give up their diet, after some time. Who wants to eat the same boring, sometimes yucky meals every day? I tell you, there are many foods that accelerate fat burning, but delicious and healthy.

If you want to burn fat, you have to increase your metabolism. For that, you have to move enough, eat foods which raise metabolism and you have to eat 5-6 times a day small portions of healthy snacks.

There is a wide range of healthy drinks and fat burning foods that speed up metabolism such as olive oil, peanut butter, milk, cottage cheese, balsamic vinegar, green tea, egg white, whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and so on. In order to gain fat loss, you will have to consume them.

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Finally, the meals you have must be healthy to provide all the essential nutrients for your body. Your meal plan should contain enough vitamins, minerals, protein, healthy fat acids and complex carbs. Healthy foods will help to stay on top both mentally and physically.

Consequently, you will have to use the ingredients which fulfill the mentioned criteria above if you want to cook calorie burning meals for weight loss.

You are here to learn how to cook fat burning foods. Below you can find 4 tips you have to keep in mind while you prepare your dishes.

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Having Enough Protein is Critical!

Most of the meals we eat are high in carbs and fats, but low in protein. Protein takes place in a lot of body processes and needed to build muscle.

However, it has a very important benefit that is this nutrient increases the level of metabolism. How? Your body, in order to break down protein into amino acids, needs a lot of energy. Therefore, it burns calories. Besides, protein rich foods satisfy us for a longer time, so we eat less.

What are some good sources of protein? Lean red meat, fish, salmon and other seafoods, soybean, eggs as well as turkey and chicken breast. Hence, you have to cook foods from these sources to take in enough protein. If you cannot take in enough protein daily from your snacks, you may make a shake from whey protein powder or flavor your meals with it.

Use Spices

It has been proved that there are various spices, which are natural metabolism boosters. Good examples are cinnamon, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper, chili or even black pepper. Spices help not only to make your meals more pleasant, but they are natural herbs, as well. Use them for your meals, but do not over-do it.


Get Rid of Foods which Slow Your Metabolic Rate and Unhealthy

Unfortunately, most of the cookbooks available today are full of recipes which need ingredients that actually slows down metabolism and rather unhealthy. Good examples are salad recipes. You are said to cut various kinds of veggies and pour them with a salad dressing. Bang! The salad is not healthy anymore!

Most of the dressings you can buy in stores are full of unwanted components such artificial flavors, fat and sugar. What is the solution? Make your own dressings form healthy and fat burning ingredients. Use apple and wine vinegars, lemon, mustard, olive oil, yogurt, spices and maybe juices to make your dressings!

There are many other ingredients which you need to get rid of such as vegetable oils, margarine, butter, (full of cholesterol), creams, sugar and the good old white flour. The best alternative for common oil and butter is definitely the olive oil which is high in omega-3 fat acid and many other useful components.

Use More Veggies and Fruits for Your Meals

Consuming veggies and fruits daily are essential for a healthy life. They are high in fiber, vitamins, minerals and advantageous carbohydrates. Unfortunately, most of us consume not enough of them. If you want to lose weight, eating them is essential.

The best would be to have them as they are, but eating them as boiled is as healthy. Whenever, you prepare something try to add some of them to it. For instance, if you make a steak from lean beef serve it with lots of veggies and for dessert consume fruits without sugar. Spinach, broccoli, avocado, grapefruit, nuts and many others are killer fat burners.

To sum up in order to cook fat burning foods which will increase your metabolism and with that help burn fat, you should use the right healthy and natural metabolism boosters.

If you spend time on doing fitness workouts regularly, drink enough water and eat these dishes, you will achieve the weight and lean body you dream about faster than you think. Start cooking today and get rid of your body fat!

Anyway, here are 10 delicious and healthy calorie burning foods that you can begin with.

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