How to Get Bikini Abs in 10 Minutes

Many women do not start training abs because they think they will have to do hard exercises and have to use machines. This is not true. You can do simple and not so hard exercises at home to get bikini abs. The video above is a good example. The mentioned abdominal workouts are not so hard, but effective. You do not need to use any sorts of special ab machines. The routine is presented by Teddy Bass who is a popular celebrity fitness trainer.


This routine contains different planks, crunches, sit-ups, leg raises and at the end some really good vertical cardio ab exercises. These workouts train the entire core muscles, obliques and lower back. In addition, it contains some exercises which are really good to burn belly fat and strengthen your cardiovascular system.

If you do this workout 3-4 times a week and tweak your diet a bit, you will see good results. And it only takes 10 minutes! Do this training and, you will have a good looking bikini abs.

Other Great Routines to Work Your Abs

The videos below contains several exercises and they take 15 minutes to complete these routines.

Women’s Six-Pack Abs Bikini Workout

The first routine is presented by the fitness model Ellys Angela and it lasts for about 15 minutes. Anyways, she has gor great abs. This session contains wide variety of exercises to work your entire core and it can surely helps to get lean stomach.


15 Minute Intense Workout

This is a similar workout which also last for about 15 minutes and pretty intense.


Bikini Abs Routine

This is one of my favorite videos of this time not just because of the efficient exercises included in this video but because of the place where it was recorded. The music is also pretty good.


Work Your Abs with Dancing

Do you like dancing? Did you know that special moves can help a lot to get rid of fat covering your his and waist? Then, here is a sexy workout. It may seems easy but if you follow the guide and perform the movements correctly you will see it is not as easy as it seems.



Here are some more tips to get in shape

  • Increase you protein intake. Protein rich foods help to fell yourself filled so you will it less during the day. Eat lean meat, eggs and dairy products.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. These foods contain a lot of fiber which also help to feel yourself filled. Plus, they contain many other components that are beneficial for your health. For example, it has been proved that eating apples daily helps to burn belly fat.
  • Consume foods which increase your metabolism.
  • Do other cardio and strength exercises for women. Cardio is for burning fat and strengths training will help to get more toned and stronger muscles.
  • Do various abdominal exercises to train the entire core muscles.
  • Drink more water.

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