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How to Get Rid of Love Handles – Burn Side Fat Fast

how to get rid of love handles
How to lose side fat

Are you among those millions of people for whom getting rid of lower belly fat and love handles is the most challenging task? Well, for me too!

Have you tried all sorts of exercises to burn fat around your hips, but nothing seems to work? You have done thousands of side crunches, Russian twists, and side planks, but that stubborn belly fat is still there.

Well, it seems to be logical to “attack” those areas with isolated exercises. However, they will hardly help you to burn fat. You will learn why.


First, you have to understand what causes love handles. You have it because your body fat percentage is high. And, in most of the cases, that unwanted fat is concentrated around our midsection, particularly on the lower abs and hips. It is true for both men and women.

Hence, to lose love handles and lower abdominal fat, you need to reduce your body fat.

So, the next question is: why you have a high body fat level and how to lower it.

Besides genes, body type or other issues, the main reason for having more than enough fat on our body comes from a bad diet and lifestyle.

Simply, we overeat, and our “clever” system stores the extra calories in the way of fat for the worse days. On top of that, we do not move enough daily, so our body does not require so many calories to function.

So, we can sum up that the best way to get rid of love handles is by moving more and changing our eating habits to take in fewer calories.

But let get into the details to set up an effective strategy.

How to Lose Love Handles

1. Get Calorie Deficit – Modify your diet

healthy eating

As I mentioned before body fat comes from taking in more calories than we need. This way the first step is take in fewer calories than our body requires to force it burning the existing fat. Simply, we have to reach the state of calorie deficit.

That does not mean you must starve yourself to death with unhealthy diet plans that destroy your health and mind. Instead, pay attention to consume quality food in the right amount. Just change your eating habits a little bit.

Most importantly, get rid of sugar and fat-rich foods which are high in calories. Junk foods and sweet beverages are mostly responsible for obesity since even a small portion of them contains a lot of calories. So, you can quickly have your daily calorie dose.

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The best is if you prepare your meals so you can use the proper ingredients. Include more protein in the way of lean meat and fish, healthy fats from oils like olive. Also, things that are high in dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates like whole grains and vegetables. Find more details about foods that help to burn love handle fat.

On top of that, the beauty of consuming healthy foods is that they naturally increase your metabolism leading more effective fat burning processes.

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Finally, pay attention to your daily liquid intake. You should aim to drink at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day. You can also have fine teas like green tea. Water flushes the toxins from your body, calorie-free and even boost your metabolism.

To sum up, the most critical step is to reduce love handles is changing your eating plan which results in a calorie deficit.

2. Strength Training for Muscles Leading to Faster Metabolism

hiit workouts

Well, having well-developed muscles look not just good, but also helps to burn fat. The more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism is.


Because muscle fibers use far more energy while you rest than fat cells. Your body has to feed the fibers all the time, so it burns more calories. Hence, the more muscles mass you have, the faster your metabolic will be.

This way, have at least 3 times a week strength training exercises. You can lift weights, do bodyweight training or just use resistance bands, anything that leads to muscle growth. Just, keep in mind to have full body workouts.

Just get a pair of adjustable dumbbells for home, and you have everything you need if you cannot afford to go to the gym. You can find total body dumbbell workouts for home here.

Within the previous point, I said you must be careful with diet fads. They might be unhealthy but also ruins your muscles development as well. The muscle fibers, to grow, need the right type of nutrients, mainly protein. If you do not give them what they need, they will not gain, even worse your body breaks them up to get the nutrients which are not in your diet. So, eat wisely.

To conclude, build lean muscles for a better metabolic rate which also supports your belly and love handle fat loss.

3. HIIT Cardio Workouts for Quick Calorie Burn

cardio workout

A good way to reach the calorie deficit is to perform cardio training which works your entire body. The more you move, the more calories are burned. Hence, have complete aerobic workout 3-4 times a week as well.

There is a wide range of total body cardio workouts you can do from running to swimming. They help not only to burn more fat but also keep your cardiovascular system healthy and boost your endurance.

I prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which is a quick yet effective technique for fat burn. On top of that, it increases the metabolism naturally as well.

Keep in mind, that doing too much cardio is also not recommended since it may lead to a reduction of muscle mass (mainly if nutrition is not satisfying).

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To sum up, do cardio to burn even more calories if you want to get rid of love handles.

+1 Lower your hormone cortisol

Cortisol is a sort of hormone which helps you to deal with stressful mental and physical situations. For example, to deal with stress or tiredness, it signals the body to slow its metabolism and store fat. This way, if you are always full of tension and do not have enough sleep, cortisol contributes to weight gain. More info on the topic.

About exercises for love handles

At the beginning of the post, I said exercises for belly fat will hardly help. Then, why we should do them?

Now, you know the whole belly, and side fat problem comes from the high body fat percentage. And, you have learned 3 proven ways above to lose muffin top.

The problem with the isolated exercises to lose love handles is that they do not burn any calories at all. These are short moves that require only a few and small muscles to perform the motions. Hence, they do not consume many calories.

Hence, we do love handle workouts for strengthening and building those muscles. This way they function better, plus they protrude more leading a better-shaped midsection.

Anyway, the mentioned facts are valid for almost all abs exercises. They are good for abdominal muscle growth and not for calorie burning.

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To sum up

I hope you now understand how to get rid of side fat. Healthy eating, get calorie deficit and build muscles. For 90% of the people, this combination should work.

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