How to Look Great and Be Healthy without Spending Much Money

fitness-weight-loss-healthIt is a general misconception that in order to look great and to be fit, we need a lot of money. We need to buy different supplements, machines, we should go to the best gym and trainers etc. The “poor and fat” stereotype is still alive.

If you do not do anything for you health because you think you have no money for that, you make a huge mistake. There are so many activities you can do without spending money.

Besides, by spending less on unhealthy foods and things that you do not really need, you can even save cash which you can use to purchase some home training equipment or a join a gym. You hit two birds with one stone. You will get rid of foods and gadgets which make you fat and unhealthy, and you will have some extra bucks you can spend on your health.

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Below you can discover a few tips on how to be fit and look great on a low budget.

Join Small Gyms Instead of Big Ones

You do not need to go to the best gym with hundreds of machines. In most of the cases, you will not use most of them. Small gyms are much cheaper, but they have the most essential equipment you need to train your body. On top of that, smaller gyms are more friendly and not so crowded, so you do not need to wait for the machine you want to use.

If you live in a bigger city, you will definitely find a small gym which costs half. Utilize Google Maps to locate gyms around you and if it is not so far away walk, cycle or run there.

Would You like to Have Some Weights and Machines at Home?

You do not need to buy all the machines and weights at once. First you can purchase the basic ones such as kettlebell, a cheap ab bench or a door bar. This equipment is not so expensive, but very efficient. From a 100-200$, you can begin your home gym. Anyway, you can have the best machines and equipment on the world if you do not use them.

Below I collected some equipment which is cheap, but extraordinarily good to exercise your entire body.

Do Bodyweight Exercises

Well, I’m a great fan of bodyweight exercises and calisthenics. I used to pump iron, but I turned to these activities. Why? Firstly, because they help to keep me really fit and they form my body shape extremely well. You cannot be as large as bodybuilders, but you will not have problem with “playing” with you own weight.

General bodyweight exercises such as push ups, pull ups, squat, dipping or various bodyweight ab workouts are very efficient. Below are the basic bodyweight exercises to start with.

Running and Other Outdoor Activities

There is no question that running has numerous positive impacts on health. It burns fat, develops the cardiovascular system and strengthen all the muscles. Running or doing fast walking cost nothing. If you spend 4 times 30-40 minutes a week with these activities, you do a lot for your health and even help to look better. More on positive effects of running here.

If you do not like running, there are so many other activities you can do such as rock climbing, cycling, swimming or even working in your garden.

Forget those daily things which make your life more comfortable, but make you a sloth. Use the stairs, neglect your car for short distances etc.

Check the presentation above to see how much calories you can burn with some common activities.


Eating Healthy is not More Expensive

When I determined to change my whole diet, my first thought was, “It will be expensive to get those foods”. But after getting rid of crunches, bread, soda, chocolate etc. and turning to veggies, fruits, healthy meats, grains, nuts etc. I realized that a healthy diet plan costs less! Once, because you eat less. Moreover, healthy foods do not cost generally more. For example, 2 pounds of apples cost the same as a packet of chips.

By the way, check out the video below for 10 great fat burning recipes. These meals contains foods which will boost your metabolism, so they help to lose weight.

Use the Internet to Find Free Workouts

There are so many excellent workout videos and articles on the internet you can use for free. Just make a search on Youtube, you will find thousands. No matter what kinds of training you want to begin, you will certainly get videos and tutorials.

For example, I began doing calisthenics and kick boxing seriously because of the videos and routines that I found on Youtube.

There are also a lot of inexpensive books and videos you can purchase.

You may also want to check out our ab workouts category where you can find hundreds of useful pictures and videos. If you like, please follow us.

Overall, there are so many cheap and even free ways to keep yourself fit. You just need to change your lifestyle and think a bit about how you can do more for your health and to keep yourself fit. Step out from the “poor and fat” group and start a new life. Everything depends on you!

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