How to Work Your Abs While Watching TV

Do you spend most of your free time with watching TV? Do you regularly neglect your ab workouts? Then, here is a simple yet efficient abs routine you can do in front of the TV. This routine contains many efficient abdominal exercises which lets you train your entire core. And what do you need? Only your couch!

Check out the picture below to see the core exercises you can do while you watch TV.


Exercises in the routine

  • Leg raises are great to train your lower abs but by turning your body to the sides you can work your obliques, as well.
  • Triceps dips are mainly for working your triceps muscles and shoulders, but since you have to stabilize your body those core muscles are worked.
  • Scissors is efficient and recommended exercise for abs that is particularly beneficial for lower abdominals.
  • Leg pull-ins have similar benefits as the mentioned ones.

Do 10-20 reps and 3-4 sets or more and you turn your TV watching time more beneficial. Do this routine 4-5 times a week, or even every day.

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Chair Exercises for Your Core

And here is an excellent routine to work your core using a chair, it can be dome in front of your telly as well. Seated abs exercises are really efficient, in video you can learn many moves.


Need more tips on how to train our abs while you watch TV?

Here are 2 videos with some additional activities.



Anyway, you can do many bodyweight ab workouts while you watch TV. Doing various plank exercises, sit ups, crunches or standing ab workouts will not disturb you.

I think, another advantage of doing workouts while we watch television is that, we eat less as well. Most of us open a packet of chips or a bottle of soda as soon as we land on the coach. With this routine, you can avoid consuming those junk food.

Anyway, spend as less time in front of the TV as possible. There are so many other excellent activities you can do outside. Walk, run, do something in the garden, meet with friends etc. Telly watching is just a bad habit that you should get rid of.

I used to watch 2-3 hours daily, but nowadays just 30-60 minutes or even nothing. Believe me! It is possible to live without television.

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