Is It a Good Idea to Use Your Flat Bench as a Decline Sit Up Bench?

flat bench to decline
Never ever do this! 🙂


If you have a flat workout bench with leg hold-down brace, it seems to be a good idea to turn it into a decline sit-up bench. We just put a box or weight plates under it, and we are ready to go.

We can save money since we do not have to buy an ab bench but enjoy the same benefits. We can have hard sit-ups and other abs exercises.

Is it a good idea?

Well, it may work. But, you must be careful.

A flat workout bench is designed to have exercises in a horizontal position. So, it was joined like that, and it has other features that support those activities.

On the other hand, a quality workout bench has a rather high weight capacity, so I’m sure no breaking will happen if you use it as a decline bench to make sit-ups. So, if you have a strong one you can try it. But, I do not recommend if you have a cheap bench with low weight capacity.

What should you pay attention to when you build your sit up bench from a flat bench?

  • Use a stable and robust basement. Rubber bumper plates or a steel plyometric box may work well since they do not slip.
  • Do not put the bench in a too high position. Firstly, if the declining level is too high, you will not strengthen your abs but mostly your hip flexors. Also, the higher degree, the more unstable the bench will be.
  • The bench must have rubber caps at the bottom to avoid slipping.
  • Check twice before start using your “construction.”

What is a far better option?

If you want to save money or have no place to store two benches, you can buy an adjustable weight bench that has multiple functions.

For example, Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench is equipment that has a 650 lbs weight capacity. It can be used in decline positions to perform sit-ups, in a flat position to do, for example, dumbbell bench presses, and hyperextension. So, it is very versatile. It is evidently not for powerlifters, but for an average user, it will do.

Watch the video for details.



If you have a robust bench, you may turn it into a sit-up bench, just do not forget the safety. And a slight decline level will do. But, for the best user experience, get a real ab bench.

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