Kettlebell Ab Workout Guide For Amazing Core Strength

Are you bored with your old ab routine and the core exercises such as planks and crunches? Then, you will enjoy the following kettlebell ab workouts. They are efficient fitness equipment to build toned and strong ab muscles and at the same time help to burn fat.


The first reason is that most of the exercises with kettlebells force your body to lose its balance. This way, to keep your balance, several core muscles cooperate. These core stabilization exercises train muscles efficiently. This way we can work the entire core such as the obliques, lower and upper abdomen, and lower back. Besides, it stimulates shoulders and arms.

Moreover, as we handle weights, and the entire body works, this increases calorie burn. Besides, the heart rate raises, so a kettlebell ab routine is suitable for cardio training, as well.

Overall, kettlebell abs exercises are effective as they tone and strengthen abdominal muscles. They also help to get rid of belly fat and with weight loss. It is also much more fun to use them for abs strength training. Also, they are recommended for women and men.

Which is the proper weight for you?

You need to choose one which is comfortable for you to use. If it is too heavy, you will not be able to perform the movement correctly. If you pick a too light one, you will not enjoy the benefits of it. You will have to focus on and engage your ab muscles during the motions.

Below I have gathered the best ab workouts with kettlebells that I found. You can find ones for novices as well as tougher ones.

1. 5 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Abs – Basics for Beginners

In this video, you can learn about 5 standing kettlebell ab exercises and why it is one of the best devices for core training. You can also study various helpful ideas on how to use this fitness equipment efficiently.


2. Tabata + kettlebell obliques and abs – Intermediate Level

This a 45 min killer strength routine not just for abs. It includes several activities for stimulating and toning abdomen and obliques such as kettlebell ab twist (advanced Russian Twist). It is a full body cardio and strength routine. You can additionally learn how to use dumbbell.


The following exercises are included:

With Equipment

  • Swing
  • Halo
  • Renegade Row
  • High Pull
  • Dead Lift
  • Alternating Lunge with Pass
  • Alternating Single Arm Swing

Ab and Oblique exercises

  • Toe Touch Crunch
  • Pullover Oblique Crunch
  • Russian Twist (kettlebell ab twist)
  • Side Plank – Left
  • Side Plank – Right


3. 15 Minute kettlebell for stomach – For women

This routine includes a few common abdominal exercises such as sit ups, crunches, torso rotation, Russian twist etc. This means the workouts are more challenging, therefore they require higher fitness level. Do 3 sets of the showed activities and keep the number of reps.


4. SixPack Abs Workout for Men – For Pros

This killer ab workout is for pros. This guy uses 16kgs weights for working his entire midsection. Be careful! You need to have truly solid core to manage such heavy weights.


5. 6 Minute Quick Routine – Quick and Easy

You do not need so much time to work your abs, especially if you use kettlebells. This routine is a good example in which you can learn some unique compound movements as well.


6. Kettlebell Core Workout – For Core Strength

This is my favorite kettlebell core circuit with the best moves and it really helps to burn fat and strengthen the entire core.


Finally a routine from

kettlebell ab workout
Kettlebell circuit workout plan


What are the benefits of kettlebell swing?

Even if the KB swing seems to be a straightforward exercise, it is a compound move that works several muscles at once. Perfect for strengthening your pecs, grip, abs, lats, hamstring, glutes and hips. This way, it also burns a lot of calories in a relatively short time without losing muscles mass.


As you see, there are different kettlebell exercises for abs. Unquestionably, it is highly useful to work the core muscles, to do cardio and burn fat. With proper diet and nutrition, you can see excellent results. If you have more questions on kettlebell workouts for abs, share with us below.


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