Lifeline Power Wheel Review

If you have already read some posts on this website, you may have realized that I’m a big fan of ab wheels. In my opinion, this simple fitness equipment is among the most powerful tools to work the entire core. They are inexpensive, and we can perform efficient bodyweight ab workouts at home. Plus, they are perfect for any fitness level.

I have already shared my review about Ab Carver Pro here, which is the best seller ab wheel now, that provides more features than a standard roller. But, Lifeline Power Wheel is perhaps even better. The reason is that it comes with a foot pedal which lets us perform even more types of exercises. Although, it costs some bucks more.

With the help of it, we can train the core muscles not only with upper body exercises but with lower body ones as well. That obviously means better abdominal muscle stimulation.

Lifeline Power Wheel features

There is no question that it works in almost all parts of the body. Mainly, it strengthens and tones the abs, lower back, obliques, glutes, and hips. However, it even develops the shoulders, arms, chest, and legs. Therefore, it is full-body exercise equipment.

Lifeline Power Wheel
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Lifeline Power Wheel
  • Increase balance, coordination, and stamina while strengthening core, upper and lower body
  • Simultaneously work up to 20 muscles in your entire body
  • Place hands shoulder width apart or feet in stirrups to more exercise options

As a trainee, I am working on my core/body conditioning, and this is an awesome addition. The wheel is stable, the pedals are sturdy and the secure foot straps are snug. There’s only one thing “not-so-good” about it, and that’s that the rubber resistance band strap is a little tight on my ankles. But it’s okay. It still deserves a 5-star review!


Lifeline Power Wheel Exercises

You can work out your entire body with the Power Wheel. Throughout the workout, all parts of your core are used: hips, obliques, abs, glutes, and more. For improved functional fitness strength and stability, consider these 11 power wheel exercises.

As an example of exercise options, you might choose pushups, crawls, pickups, leg lifts, leg curls, rollouts, crawls, and knees to chest.

Watch the video below for a good collection of exercises and here is more ab wheel workouts.

What Are the Benefits

On the Lifeline Power Wheel’s soft foam grips, your hands can be placed shoulder-width apart. In addition, you can put your feet in the adjustable foot stirrups which will allow you to move more freely and work out more creatively.

In comparison to traditional ab rollers or traditional core exercises, the design of the ab roller enables an enhanced range of motion for a moderate to an advanced user. During upper and lower body moves while targeting core muscles, move in any direction or hold positions to develop body control.

Compared with fixed form movements, functional training allows you to increase strength, improve balance, and reduce injury risk.

This Lifeline ab wheel, in combination with functional training, will help you develop better motor patterns and increase joint mobility.

Power wheel exercises


  • It comes with a soft foam grip which makes usage comfortable and safe.
  • The wheel is smooth to roll on almost all sorts of floors. Besides, the size of the roller is a bigger than normally, and this makes usage even more pleasant.
  • Its design allows us to roll it in any direction that is extremely beneficial since we can do more kinds of activities and focus on specific muscle groups.
  • The foot pedal, which makes it an outstanding ab workout equipment, provides an intense workout versatility. With the help of it we can perform almost a complete body workout at home.
  • It’s possible to remove the foot peddles if you won’t be using them. Though it’s a bit larger than usual, you can use it as an ab roller.
  • It comes with a workout DVD.
  • It is perfect to combine with cardio workouts.
  • It is made of quality materials and comes with 1-year warranty.

Some Drawbacks

Beginners may find it hard to use it the first time since it needs strong core stabilizer muscles. Therefore, I recommend they start with some usual abdominal exercises first until they built some basic core strength. Then, gradually include Lifeline USA Power Wheel in the routine.

The DVD is not the best one. It presents some basic moves. However, there are many videos online.

For someone, the foot straps are loose so their feet slip off.


Lifeline Power Wheel

8 out of 10

To sum up, Lifeline’s Power Wheel is an exceptional core strength training equipment that has already helped thousands to build better-looking and stronger midsections. It improves your balance and posture as well. While it is a bit more expensive than other ab wheels, it is worth every penny. If you purchase it now, you do not even have to pay for shipping.

10 out of 10
Ease of Use
7 out of 10
Look & Feel
8 out of 10
7 out of 10


Very versatile to train the core.

Provides full-body training.

Sturdy build and ergonomics.

Suitable for any fitness levels.

Rolling to any directions comfortably.

Exercise guide


More expensive than typical ab wheels.

Beginners may find it hard at first.

No knee pad.

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