Lifeline Power Wheel Exercises & Review

lifeline power wheel exercises and reviews

If you have already read some posts on this website, you may have realized that I’m a big fan of ab wheels. In my opinion, this simple fitness equipment is among the most powerful tools to work the entire core. They are inexpensive, and we can perform efficient bodyweight ab workouts at home. Plus, they are perfect for any fitness level.

I have already shared my review about Ab Carver Pro here, which is the best seller ab wheel now, that provides more features than a standard roller. But, Lifeline Power Wheel is perhaps even better. The reason is that it comes with a foot pedal which lets us perform even more types of exercises. Although, it costs some bucks more.

With the help of it, we can train the core muscles not only with upper body exercises but with lower body ones as well. That obviously means better abdominal muscle stimulation.

There is no question that it works almost all part of the body. Mainly, it strengthens and tones the abs, lower back, obliques, glutes, and hips. However, it even develops the shoulders, arms, chest, and legs. Therefore, it is full body exercise equipment.



Lifeline Power Wheel Exercises

Watch the video below for a good collection exercises and here is more ab wheel workouts.



  • It comes with a soft foam grip which makes usage comfortable and safe.
  • The wheel is smooth to roll on almost all sorts of floors. Besides, the size of the roller is a bigger than normally, and this makes usage even more pleasant.
  • Its design allows us to roll it in any direction that is extremely beneficial since we can do more kinds of activities and focus on specific muscle groups.
  • The foot pedal, which makes it an outstanding ab workout equipment, provides an intense workout versatility. With the help of it we can perform almost a complete body workout at home.
  • It comes with a workout DVD.
  • It is perfect to combine with cardio workouts.
  • It is made of quality materials and comes with 1-year warranty.


Some Cons

Beginners may find it hard to use it at the first time since it needs strong core muscles. Therefore, I recommend them to start with some usual abdominal exercises first until they built some basic core strength. Then, gradually include Lifeline USA Power Wheel in the routine.

The DVD is not the best one. It presents some basic moves. However, there are many videos online.

Customer Lifeline Power Wheel Reviews

This ab roller is a 5 star rated product on Amazon based on over 250 customer reviews. Customers like it because it provides multiple exercises to work the entire core because of the footpad. It is also safe and comfortable to use.

One of the best pieces of workout equipment I have ever bought. It is very sturdy and versatile. ~ Vladimir Krull Jr


I’m a trainee working on my core/body conditioning and this is one heck of an addition to my regimen. Stable wheel, rolls perfectly, sturdy foot pedals and snug velcro straps. If I had to say anything “not-so-good” about it is that the rubber resistant band strap is a little tight on the back of my ankles. No big deal though. Doesn’t warrant less than the 5-star rating! ~ Ant

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To sum up, Lifeline Power Wheel is an exceptional core strength training equipment which has already helped thousands to build better looking and stronger midsection. It improves your balance and posture as well.

While it is bit more expensive than other ab wheels, it is worth every penny. If you purchase it now, you do not even have to pay for shipping.

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