Want to Lose Weight? Change Your Mind and Lifestyle

Many people fail sooner or later after determining to lose weight. In most of the cases, the main reason is that they give up because they do not believe in themselves.

If you want to lose weight, you must be positive and confident. The guaranteed way to be positive is to remind yourself all the time that you can do it.

Below I have collected some suggestions on how to keep your mind in a positive state when you want to lose weight.

Set Short, Mid and long Term Goals

Setting up goals is the first and most essential step. Write down your short, middle and long-term goals. For example, you want to lose 15 kg in half a year, that can be your long term aim, your short term goal should be losing 2-3 kg in the first month. Whenever you reach one of your aims, be proud of yourself and reward yourself.

It is also crucial that your goals must be achievable. If you set up objects which are too difficult, the possibility is higher that you give up.

Never forget, healthy weight loss does not happen with a wave of a magic wand. For most of us, it is a long term process, but the result will last longer, as well. Do not always believe in those special pills and magic diets.

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Do Exercises Regularly

If you want to lose weight and stay healthy, you will need to start performing exercises frequently. Cardio workout help to burn fat, tone your muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system. You can lose weight just by eating the proper things, but you can only get in shape if your train your body. Workouts and diet must be done hand in hand if you want to get the best result.


Avoid Stress

It is easier said than done, but stress is one of the main factors why there are so many obese people. If we are stressful, we need some sort of compensation what make us happy. And guess what people usually do? We start eating.

You have to find methods to get rid of anxiety. This can be anything from yoga to listening to music. Find one or more activities which help you to calm down and drive those negative thoughts away from your mind.

I used to be a truly stressful person, but after concentrating more on my family and integrating workouts into my daily routine, I’m far less stressful now.

Being always positive is not easy. You have to learn and practice it. There are many techniques for it. I recommend the Magic Book from Rhonda Birne. This book contains a 30 day training. It can help you not just with weight loss, but to change all parts of your life. I helped me a lot!

Join Support Group

Do not think that you are the only person in the world who have weight problems. Discussing with others who have the same weight loss problems help to keep going. You can also learn a lot from others and share your success.

In addition, doing exercises and diet together is always more enjoyable and efficient. Your partners can motivate you and push forward when you want to give up.

Here is a great infographics I found where to find friends.



It is undoubted that dropping weight is a frustrating process for most of us. One day we feel that we are on the right way, and we are strong, but the next day we are down. Having a positive mindset helps to develop confidence in yourself and to reach your goals. Try the techniques mentioned above and I hope you will be successful on your weight loss journey.


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