Marcy Roman Chair Review: Affordable & Reliable Hyperextension Bench

The Marcy Roman chair is the most popular adjustable hyperextension bench these days. And for a good reason. It is an excellent price/value home gym equipment that performs well. It has a good weight capacity, adjustable and stable even if it is heavily used. And you also do not have to be an expert to assemble it.

Marcy Roman chair hyperextension bench

Since we are talking about cheap workout equipment, a few complaints about minor problems exist. For example, the guys find the pad too big while doing lower back extensions, and shorter-than-average trainees find the distance too long between the pad and rollers. But users agree that for this cost, this Roman bench is unbeatable.

It is a good purchase if you are on a budget and are average tall or more.

Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
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Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair
This is a very sturdy, cheap, easy to assemble, and compact piece. With the Marcy Roman Chair, you will be able to strengthen your core, relieve back pain, improve your posture, or build your six-pack abs right in the comfort of your own home.


  • Great price/value
  • Good stability, strong construction
  • Heavy-duty tubing frame with powder coat finish
  • Adjustable foam leg holders
  • Comfortable high-density deluxe boxed vinyl upholstery
  • Assist handles for easy mounting and dismounting
  • Acceptable weight capacity
  • Compact design, easy assembly
  • Total core training
  • 2-years limited warranty


  • The handles are short
  • The pad is a bit big

Best Features

1. No annoying wobbling

Thanks to the extended stabilizers and the rubber caps at the end, the users experience no wobbling. Even people who are heavier than usual, people over 230 lbs, say the exercise equipment is stable.

Certainly, it must be placed on a flat floor. If you have no such ground, put a rubber mat under it.

Great maximum capacity making it suitable for big guys and pros

The max load this Roman chair can stand is 300 lbs, which is enough for most trainees for at-home training. This is available because of the heavy-duty tube frame.

And if you are at an advanced fitness level and want to do weighted back extensions or sit-ups, that max load is enough. Let’s say you are 190 lbs. You can use a 50 lbs plate safely.

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2. Adjustable ankle pads

With the help of the adjustable leg holders, you can tweak the machine to your height. This way, you can find the optimal placement for your ankles to perform the Roman chair exercises more comfortably.

The leg holders are thickly covered with foam, so they do not hurt your feet/ankles.

3. You can assemble it easily

Putting this chair together is not rocket science since there are not hundreds of bolts, screws, and parts. You need just a wrench. Although, the instruction could be better. And surprisingly, very few customers complain about missing parts, bolts, screws, and washers. That is not so typical for cheap home gym equipment like this.

The bad

1. The pad is big for guys

As you see the pad where you place your hips is larger than usual. It is thickly padded and provides a comfortable surface for girls, but guys need some groin “preparation.” I mean, they have to place their balls in a safe place.

If that pad were shorter and smaller, that would not be a problem. That is why high-quality, commercial hyperextension Roman chairs have two separate pads with a gap between them.

But, from my personal experience, that adjustment is not a big deal.

2. The handles are short

The handles that help the trainee to get on and find a comfortable position would be a bit longer. Some customers think they are short, so they do not help as much with mounting. Also, the dip exercise is not so comfortable because of the shortness.

marcy adjustable hyperextension roman chair
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Is it suitable for doing sit-ups and side bends?

Yes. Although, I prefer doing sit-ups on an ab bench because it is more comfortable. You can do side extensions for the oblique by placing one of your ankles between the rollers and the other under the bottom one. To sum up, this item is suitable for abs exercises.

Is it harder to use than a 45-degree workout bench?

Yes, because you are in a vertical position. This way, the range of motion is longer, which is better for back muscles, glutes, hams and core strength gain.

Marcy Roman Bench Alternatives

If you are someone who has been working out for some years, you may need a more robust back extension bench with a higher weight limit. Marcy is a trusted manufacturer, but their products aren’t commercial level. This way, you can use additional loads safely. You can get a commercial-graded back extensions machine such as BodyCraft F670 or a glute-ham developer.

Another alternative is getting a 45 degrees exercise bench instead of this 90 degree. Personally, I prefer the 90-degree version because I can have a lengthier range of motion. Learn more about roman chair vs. 45-degree hyperextension here.

Verdict / Is it for you?

Well, if you need reliable, simple, and cheap exercise equipment to strengthen your back muscles, and perform various core exercises, then the Marcy Roman chair is a good buy. It is not a gym-quality product but a great deal for that cost. It is the best hyperextension bench for home strength training at this level.

This Roman chair has been in my possession for 6 years. I usually use it for sit-ups with dumbbells. Throughout the last six years, it has mostly been awesome. With 60 lb dumbbells, I would do sets of alternating sit-ups and side sit-ups. Last night, the foot grip on one side of the bench tore off after bearing this for 6 years.

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