Top Medicine Ball Ab Workouts & Exercises

Last updated on June 4th, 2018

medicine ball ab workout

If you want to work your core muscles on a bit different way, then doing medicine ball core workouts can be a great choice. This simple fitness equipment has been used for thousands of years to work the entire body. We can choose from different sizes and weights.

There are many advantages of medicine ball exercises for core

  • First, they help to work core muscles from different angles. With it, we can perform movements which are very similar to the ones we usually do daily. So we can enhance the strength of the muscles with functional movements. These motions develop the body posture and the core stability.
  • Besides we can increase the effectiveness of the well-know ab exercises such as sit-ups, crunches, leg raises, etc. Since we use weights the muscles work harder, so these moves tone and strengthen your core faster than the ones without it.
  • Finally, we can choose from various sizes and weights. Bigger and heavier ones are more suitable for those who have better fitness level, while smaller and lighter ones are great for beginners.

In my, opinion there is no need to use very heavy ones since it is crucial to perform the movements properly and using too heavy ones can cause injuries. For beginners 2-6 pounds weighted balls are suitable. Who already has core strength the weight can be increased to 6-12 pounds.

I have just purchased a set of med balls, and I use them not just for my abs training, but for full body workouts. They are very valuable parts of my home gym to work my stomach.

Below I have collected the workout routines with the best ab exercises with medicine ball, mainly videos I found.

Fast Belly Blaster: Abs-Toning Workout

This routine is excellent for girls. It includes many not so hard yet effective core exercises. It contains some movements on the floor and some standing ones as well. It is a good routine to start with.


200 Rep Ab Circuit

This is the routine I do these days and it is a killer. It works and tones oblique, lower back, upper and lower abs efficiently. The seated oblique twists (keep your back straight!) and kneeling chops have helped a me a lot to slim my hips and waist. Besides, the weighted ball exercises for abs in this routine help to work the entire upper body.

Medicine Ball Exercises for Abs

This guy shows some more exercises you can do with a ball such as alternative plank, standing movements, mountain climber variation, crunch and sit up alternatives and ones which can be used if you have not got an abdominal wheel yet. Great tips!


Ab Drills

This guy shows some drills we can do with a fit ball.


Ab Workout With Partner

What can be better and more efficient than working out with your best friend or a powerful workout buddy. From the following video you can learn excellent exercises.



Core Attack

This is another excellent medicine ball abs workout routine to strengthen and tone your entire core. Besides the normal movements several standing core exercises are included which help to work your core muscles from different angles and even helps to burn belly fat.


Total Body Workout

Here is a total body workout which lasts for 30 min with some useful motions you can do with an exercises ball.


Finally, a quick workout which is great if you have no time or want to have a quick workout after your routine.




How many sets and reps you should do

This depends on the exercise and the weight and size of the fit ball. Of course, you will not be able to do as many repetitions so you will need to decrease them a bit. For instance, if you do 25 normal crunches, you can reduce the number to 15. However, I recommend keeping the number of sets. As you get familiar working with a ball, you can increase the reps or the weight. But always perform the movements correctly!

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Top Medicine Ball Ab Workouts & Exercises
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