List of Core Exercises for Easy to Advanced Workouts

list of core exercises

I usually spend some time on Youtube to find different core exercises and not so common ab workouts. I like trying out new movements and routines which may work those core muscles creatively. That is how I started to do various hanging leg raising exercises, crunch variations and others with different core workout equipment.

Many years ago, I did not know about how many core exercises and variations there are so I did the common activities such as crunches, sit-ups and maybe planks. I was bored with them and I did not like ab training at all. Plus, we must not forget the fact that the most common moves are not as efficient as they seem.

Since I integrated more sorts of exercises into my core strength training, I enjoy my sessions much more and I have to say abs training is my favorite now. And the best of all I see and feel great development in my entire midsection.

Here, I would like to share with you a great video in which over 70 core strengthening exercises are presented. You can find variations of the common ones and some moves which are absolutely unique. And at the bottom you can hundreds of other moves you can do to train your entire core.

This means a total core workout will strengthen not only your ab muscles, but many other secondary muscles which are crucial for proper posture, balance, stability and so on. If you want to get six pack abs or just flatter stomach you should work all these muscles.

79 Core strengthening exercises for men and women


1- 21. You can find some crunch and sit up variations such as bicycle, cross and reverse crunch, hip raises, different v-ups and ones which combine crunches with leg raising on the floor. These are good core exercises for beginners.

22 – 24. These are mainly for strengthening the lower back and the spine muscles. This is crucial for proper posture, balance and to avoid lower back injuries and pain. Some exercises on the floor such as superman, bird dogs are particularly beneficial.

25 – 27. Have you got a workout partner? Then, here are some ab exercises you can do together. Working out together is much more fun!

28 – 33. You can do these motions with fitness equipment called Havyk slider. However, some of these movements can be done without them, for example, the mountain climber variations or for rolling out you can use an ab wheel.

34 – 49. Have you got a TRX? Do you use it for training your midsection? Then, here are lot of TRX abdominal movements you can do. Excellent collection of bodyweight exercises for core strength.

50 – 55. Here are a few unique ways to work your midsection by using a few stabilizing movements. To tell the truth, I have not done these sorts of exercises before, but I will surely include some sets into my workout routine. These are useful to strengthen spine and lower back muscles. You can do these without the mat, but it is crucial to form the motions correctly and slowly.

56 – 64. Here you can find several mountain climbers and plank variations or the combination of these. There are some movements which can boost your heart rate up, so they are great for cardio, as well.

65 – 68. If you are a beginner, then standing ab workouts are excellent to start with.

69 – 72. I love hanging leg raising exercises. Some powerful variations are presented here. If they are hard at first, start with hanging knee raising. These are advanced core exercises that requires existing strength and practice so they are better for people at intermediate fitness level.

73 – 77. Have you got kids? Workout together! Use their weight to enhance the well-known activities. I sometimes do different planks by putting my 2-year old son on my back. 🙂

78 – 79. Finally, some extreme ones.

As you see there are so many workouts you can do by using your own weight or equipment to work core and abdominal muscles from all angles. Try the ones which you are interested in and add them to your abs workout routine.

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More core exercises with weights and other fitness equipment

There are several other compound exercises which do not work the core muscles directly, but the surrounding muscles. These are really important as well. On top of that, since a lot of muscles work together, they need a lot of energy that your body burns. This supports the fat burning process.

You should keep in mind in order to get six pack abs, you should get rid of the fat covering your midsection. You can read more about these compound, belly fat burning moves here. Or check the activities below.

tighten your abs



How to create an excellent core workout routine?

The core is not just your abs, but also your lower back, obliques, transversus abdominis, and even your glutes. So, we have to keep all these muscles in mind while creating the plan. You should strengthen each of them.

With how many exercises? Well, that depends on your fitness level. I think one practice is enough as the moves work more than parts at once.

Here is an example at an intermediate level with 3 rounds.

  • 8-12 hanging leg raises (rectus abdominis)
  • 12-15 Supermans on the floor (lower back)
  • 20 Russian twist for both side (obliques)
  • 12-15 ab wheel (total)
  • 1 minute mountain climber (for cardio and fat burn)

For a beginner core workout routine include moves that you need to do one the floor. You can find various core workouts at home here.

What are the best core weight lifting exercises?

Since the core is between your upper and lower body, it is always activated when you do compound exercises to coordinate the movement. Overhead presses, squat, deadlift, and clean press are good examples.

Core workouts with weights?

Well, adding extra resistance in the way of weights is only recommended for intermediate level athletes who already have a strong core. Beginners quickly get an injury.

On the other hand, using weights is an excellent way to add extra resistance to keep progressive overload. Check out the dumbbell ab exercises and barbell core training guide here.


As you see there are tons of moves out there to have complete core strength training at the gym or home. Create your plan and start shaping your midsection.