Mountain Climber Exercise Guide | How Tos and Variations

mountain climber exercise

What are the mountain climbers benefits?

Mountain climber abs exercise and its variations are among those few ab workouts that provide a complete abdominal and cardio training. While sit-ups, crunches, planks and others strengthen, and tone muscles, the MT climber exercise burns fat, as well. If you want to have an attractive flat stomach, you should get rid of the fat that covers your tummy.

It has been proved that this exercise strengthens the entire core and boosts the metabolism that burns fat. If you want to have strong, flat abs in a short time, you should include this bodyweight core exercise in your routine. There are some variations as well for even faster and better results.

Check the videos and guide below to learn everything about these ab exercises.

How to do mountain climbers correctly

This is the basic motion of all the variations. You begin with a push up position, then you need to bring your knees toward your chest. You should keep the straight posture of your lower back during the motion, and bring as forward your knees as possible. Focus on your abs muscles. You should feel how they are working.


Mountain climber variations

1. Diagonal Climber

This is very similar to the regular one, but you bring your knees towards your opposite elbows. The more forward you bring your knees the, more effective this abdominal exercise is. It is great for strengthening and burning fat on hips and obliques.


2. Spider Climber

Some position, but now you bring your feet next to your hands. To get the best results get your feet as forward as possible and stretch your leg while it is at the back position.


3. Side to Side Climber

This is may be the hardest. Instead of getting your knees forward, you bring them to side of you body.


4. Cross Body Version

It starts with the regular climber exercise, but you bring your knees to opposite elbow.


Similar Movement with Ab Wheel

If you want to use an equipment to the movements similar to the mentioned movements, then I suggest to check out Lifeline USA Power Wheel II. This is an ab wheel, but it also lets you to place your legs on it. This way, you will be able to strengthen your core by using your lower body. This is a really efficient equipment for core workouts.

Example mountain climbers workout

Do all of these exercises on one session and do 20 reps of each for 3-4 times. That means, you will do approx. 300-400 repetitions. To maximize the fat burning process, your routine must be very intensive but form the exercises properly. Do it at least 3-4 times a week.

You can also combine climber workouts with other abdominal exercises. Here is an example routine.


How many calories do mountain climbers burn?

It depends on the number of repetitions and the intensity of your training. Try to be as fast as possible and rest a little between the sets to keep your heart rate high and with that your metabolism level. If you fitness level is not so good yet, start with fewer sets and reps and, increase the numbers as you get used to it.

How many reps should I do a day?

Well, that depends on various factors. Firstly, what is you fitness level. If you are a beginner, obviously you can do less at the beginning. This way, your aim should be to increase the number of sets gradually. Also, as I mention, to have a full core workout, you should perform other abs exercises as well. During my workouts, I usually do about 200-300 repetitions, but I also do burpees which is a more complex cardio exercise.

What do mountain climbers work?

All parts of the core such upper and lower abdomen, external and internal obliques and transverse abdomen as well as your lower back. On top of that, it strengthens your arms, back, shoulders, chest and legs. That is why it is so powerful.

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